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Madrid, January 12th 2016. Such as it was published online in their social networking profiles on January 8th, Crypto-Pay payment platform and OkCash cryptocurrency have agreed to set in motion a series of joint collaborations with the objective of making know the digital market. The integration of OkCash into Crypto-Pay's wallet means the first of many interesting proyects that are planned for 2016.

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Bitbond Launches The Bitcoin Purchasing Power Index


Global p2p bitcoin lending platform Bitbond today announced the launch of the world’s first Bitcoin Purchasing Power Index.

Building upon the legendary Big Mac Index set up by The Economist in 1986, the Bitcoin Purchasing Power Index shows users how many Big Mac hamburgers they can buy with one bitcoin. bitcoinppi provides a global average index as well as local indices by country.

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Simon Fraser university to provide Bitcoin ATMs at internal Bookstores

Canada is becoming a forerunner in the adoption of Bitcoin. One prominent university in Canada's British Columbia area, SFU, has announced that it will install Bitcoin ATMs to its Bookstore locations.

This is inline with SFU's initiative to facilitate its students in buying books. A Canada based operator, BitSent, will provide the ATMs.

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Bitcoin's rising importance in the remittance market

Bitcoin is quickly gaining popularity on the international scale. With its decentralized system of money transactions, Bitcoin has a very huge growth potential in the remittance market. The attractive features that Bitcoin provides when used to remit money are its low cost and fast speed of transfer with a high degree of security.

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Asian Banks Demanded Ransom Amount in Bitcoin

Hackers who demand extortion money in Bitcoin are attacking websites of Asian Banks.

Hong Kong's largest banks have recently been under attack from hackers, supposedly from abroad. They launched a DDos attack on the Banks' websites. The Bank of China and the Bank of East Asia are two prominent banks in the region and confirmed that they had such an attack on May 9.

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Bitcoin's Founder Revealed by New York Times

There have been various speculations over who is the real founder of the revolutionary, crypto currency Bitcoin. New York Times revealed that Satoshi Nakamoto's real identity is Nick Szabo in a recent article.

Some supporting evidence that the article published by New York Times gives is:

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Bitcoin Exchange Receives License From New York’s Financial Authorities

ItBit is the first company to receive its licence to work under the newly crafted virtual currency laws in New York. ItBit will work as a regulated Exchange that will trade in virtual currency.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin's ultimate potential lies in its ease of use and its decentralized system. With regulation coming into the Bitcoin arena, we can hope that Bitcoin will finally fulfill its goals.

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The Rise of Insured Bitcoin Exchanges in Asia

CoinHako, a Singapore based Bitcoin exchange, has recently announced that it has formed a partnership with BitGo, a leading secure Bitcoin wallet, that will protect its assets against loss from theft and hacking of any sort.

This recent rise in insured Bitcoin exchanges will make it more secure to conduct transactions through such exchanges, as your money will be protected by insurance. Safety and security have always been the greatest concerns regarding Bitcoin transactions. Unpleasant experience with exchanges like Mt Gox have alerted other exchanges in the Asian Bitcoin market to become more aware of the financial regulation and security needed for crypto currency exchanges.

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Bitcoin Brains Acquired by BitNational

A Canadian based Bitcoin exchange, BitNational, has acquired Bitcoin Brains Inc. BitNational will be able to increase its market share in the Bitcoin brokerage arena with this partnership.

BitNational’s Calgary based operations will be able to expand their operations to more Canadian locations. This will allow BitNational to move a step closer to developing a nationwide network of Bitcoin exchanges.

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Bitcoin Scams on the rise

A review of some of the most dangerous Bitcoin frauds

Some scams that many Bitcoin users may fall prey to are one of the easiest to avoid. Bitcoin, with its decentralized trading system, is open to many malicious schemes of hackers and scammers. Recent reports indicate that Bitcoin scams are on the rise. In this article we will discuss some common Bitcoin frauds.

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Bitcoin Transfers to Get More Regulated In New York

Fortune magazine’s Daniel Roberts has reported that Benjamin Lawsky, Superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services is finalizing a new license that will require all digital currency companies to apply for a “Bit License" before they can conduct Bitcoin transactions. This license will serve to regulate Bitcoin transactions and will help curb any illegal activities done through this crypto currency.

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