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There have been various speculations over who is the real founder of the revolutionary, crypto currency Bitcoin. New York Times revealed that Satoshi Nakamoto's real identity is Nick Szabo in a recent article.

Some supporting evidence that the article published by New York Times gives is:

  • Szabo's educational and professional background lines up perfectly with all the prerequisites needed for performing such a feat. He is an expert in crypto currencies and a law professor perfectly aware of the regulations surrounding currencies.
  • Szabo had previously developed a prototype currency very similar to Bitcoin. He had named it "bit gold".
  • Nick Szabo was the member of a cyber community known as a Cypherpunks. This community was dedicated to the finding a digital currency which is very similar to physical cash.
  • Nick Szabo's writing is very similar to the anonymous Nakamoto Satoshi. Researchers at Ashton University in England compared Nakamoto's writing to several other people suspected to be Satoshi. They found it to match closely with Nick's writing style.
  • Although these proofs are very difficult to refute, Nick is in denial of this achievement. It remains to be seen whether other parallel efforts find more about the real identity of the mysterious Nakamoto.


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