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Berlin, Germany. Global peer to peer bitcoin lending platform Bitbond today announced the release of its API (application programming interface) for investors and developers.

Investors and developers now have programmatical access to Bitbond services. The API lets investors customise and automate the lending process. At the same time the API gives everyone easy access to the full Bitbond loan history. Thus, the 6,000+ lenders active on Bitbond, can now implement automated investment strategies that are based on statistical analysis of historical loan data.

The API has a comprehensive documentation which can be found under this URL:

“The API release reflects Bitbond’s desire to make the lives of investors on our platform as easy as possible” said Radoslav Albrecht, CEO and founder of Bitbond.

“Once more the API underlines the high level of transparency that Bitbond provides. The complete loan data of Bitbond is accessible in an easy way. This allows investors to analyse data and to craft individual investment strategies based on it. We are sure that developers and investors alike will get terrific value from the Bitbond API.”

The Berlin-based Fintech startup Bitbond is growing rapidly and currently has over 23,000+ active users on the platform with a total loan volume well above $340,000.

Global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending at Bitbond

About Bitbond Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform. Small business owners like ebay sellers who need to finance working capital and inventory list their loan request on Bitbond after going through a credit check. The loans get funded by individual and institutional lenders who thereby earn interest with their bitcoins.

By leveraging bitcoin as a technology and payment network, Bitbond is the first global marketplace lender for small business loans. Investing and borrowing through Bitbond is accessible to everybody who has an internet connection. Therefore the platform and its users are independent from the traditional banking system.

Previous to starting Bitbond, founder and CEO Radoslav Albrecht worked at Deutsche Bank London and consulting firm Roland Berger.

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