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Bitcoin is quickly gaining popularity on the international scale. With its decentralized system of money transactions, Bitcoin has a very huge growth potential in the remittance market. The attractive features that Bitcoin provides when used to remit money are its low cost and fast speed of transfer with a high degree of security.

The automated blockchain model of Bitcoin is very essential to its unique place in the remittance regime. Transactions are instant and are validated automatically, meaning no third party interventions and a premium experience for the user.

The remittance market is growing globally and networks like Western Union and Money Gram currently place hefty charges on the transactions made through them. Bitcoin, with a much simpler, cheaper and automated method to transfer money is the best possible way to transfer money in the future.

With the spread of digital technology, the world will gradually adapt to cheaper and more convenient ways to transfer money and Bitcoin will soon gain a reputation as the centerpiece of the remittance market.


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A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

The original Bitcoin paper by Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin in the real world

Bitcoin in the real world