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CoinHako, a Singapore based Bitcoin exchange, has recently announced that it has formed a partnership with BitGo, a leading secure Bitcoin wallet, that will protect its assets against loss from theft and hacking of any sort.

This recent rise in insured Bitcoin exchanges will make it more secure to conduct transactions through such exchanges, as your money will be protected by insurance. Safety and security have always been the greatest concerns regarding Bitcoin transactions. Unpleasant experience with exchanges like Mt Gox have alerted other exchanges in the Asian Bitcoin market to become more aware of the financial regulation and security needed for crypto currency exchanges.

The most important thing that these regulations bring to the Bitcoin Arena is not only the security, but also a hope that digital currency transactions can now compete with fiat currency. The hope that one day digital transactions will solely be done through crypto currencies.

Asia being one of the largest markets in the world, Bitcoin exchanges serve a capital purpose there. In Fact, according to some sources, China has some of the largest Bitcoin mining operations in the world. Certainly, Bitcoin's credibility and even value will greatly benefit from more insured Bitcoin exchanges.

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