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Canada is becoming a forerunner in the adoption of Bitcoin. One prominent university in Canada's British Columbia area, SFU, has announced that it will install Bitcoin ATMs to its Bookstore locations.

This is inline with SFU's initiative to facilitate its students in buying books. A Canada based operator, BitSent, will provide the ATMs.

This initiative by university officials is not only a step towards increasing awareness in the educational community about Bitcoin, but also supports a direction towards innovation.

These ATMs are just another step towards the long journey Bitcoin has yet to make in order to become a major player in the digital transaction market. Whether it is ATMs or physical Bitcoins, these innovative adoptions of Bitcoin will make this cryptocurrency a true competitor for others in the market. Such efforts may play a vital role in making Bitcoin a popular choice.

On the contrary, a financial research institution has recently reported that Bitcoin ATMs are decreasing. Whether these ATMs gain or lose market share, Bitcoin is bound to gain popularity.

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