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Madrid, January 12th 2016. Such as it was published online in their social networking profiles on January 8th, Crypto-Pay payment platform and OkCash cryptocurrency have agreed to set in motion a series of joint collaborations with the objective of making know the digital market. The integration of OkCash into Crypto-Pay's wallet means the first of many interesting proyects that are planned for 2016.

For the moment, registered users in Cripto-Pay have access in their wallet to the crytocurrency OkCash, being able to use all the available features, including buy/sell regularly available.

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Network is talking about it.

The new has echoed on Internet and some media as Bitcoin Rush , online channel that offers weekly news about technological development and cryptocurrencies innovations, have already spoken on the net about the new integration Criptopay – OkCash. You can already find the video available on YouTube!

CriptoPay SL – C. General Arrando, 9, 28010 Madrid – 914669448


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