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Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and IDG Capital Partners were some of the major funding providers for Circle Internet Financial.

This Boston based firm’s support from major players in the startup-funding arena is a very good indication for Bitcoin.

Jermay Allaire, co-founder of the Circle internet Financial said the company had raised $50 million in startup funding. He revealed that the Chinese investment firm, IDG Capital Partners was the newest source of funding for his company.

Such funding from major investment firms will not only help push Bitcoin to mainstream attention, but encourage more startups to aim for Bticoin based transactions.

Circles successful investment procurement indicates investor inclination towards the inherent value of Bitcoin as a currency for digital transactions.

Goldman’s recent research indicates the growing importance of the role Bitcoin is playing to shape the future of digital currencies and transactions.

Bitcoin’s most formidable barriers to growth have proven to be its price volatility and its little regulated operations. With new regulations and risk free Bitcoin transactions entering the crypto-currency scene, Bitcoin seems to have conquered these obstacles. It remains to be seen how these regulations actually affect it.

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