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FinTechs In The Lending Industry: What You Should Know

It’s hardly even worth saying that technology has revolutionised every single market, but it is particularly notable within the financial industry. Cash is no longer king, and consumers hardly even see a dollar bill or a note anymore, we tap our cards, transfer money via an app and apply for loans almost purely online.

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Top 4 Challenges Students Face During University

For most the time they spend at university is the most memorable part of their lives, while for many, it is the toughest and most stressful time. It is essential to know that every student’s situation is unique and not all go through the same circumstances.

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Using the ADX indicator to trade the major reversal

The ADX indicator is one of the most complicated indicators. Learning its use properly requires a perfect understanding of the indicator curve. Though Forex trading is very popular in Singapore, the number of successful traders is very low. Most of the traders are having trouble to protect their capital.

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Will Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Be a Success?

Facebook recently announced that it had plans of creating its own cryptocurrency in the blockchain network. Although an option such as this is meant to provide those in the Crypto system with lots of options, there are issues ahead that may just lead to the cancellation of such a project.

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Bitcoin Global Acceptance – Is It Really Possible?

Given the benefits of Bitcoin, there is no doubt that it has been created to revolutionize the traditional financial systems which once existed. Experts have explained some of the benefits that this new system tends to offer ranging from high level of transparency to bringing about effectiveness and efficiency in operations within systems around the world.

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Data has Shown how Much Bitcoin Has Changed

Bitcoin exploded at one point and this rocketed the price. There have been a huge amount of positive developments and even though it’s still a relatively new technology, it’s actually entering its 10th year. New research has been done and it has shown that Bitcoin has in fact matured as an asset.

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How to Buy, Sell, and Trade Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies continue to represent an interesting concept, especially among people that are accustomed with the internet and the freedom it allows. More than 11 years had passed since the Bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency) white paper had been published and now we have thousands of different tokens trading in the market.

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