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In contemporary society, bitcoin and cryptocurrency are the newest forms of investment. As a medium of exchange, cryptocurrency is currently gaining popularity across the world. One thing you should understand about cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is not controlled by the government. It also a subject that students in high school, colleges, and universities would wish to study or gain more knowledge about. In this regard, it is essential to understand how one can write a persuasive essay about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Any academic essay about bitcoin and cryptocurrency must consider the diverse elements as outlined below.

All you should know about Bitcoin

In order to write a persuasive and proper essay about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, there is a need to have general knowledge about bitcoin. Notably, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as gaining popularity as mediums of exchange and many businesses. Cryptocurrency is usually created using cryptography, which utilizes a particular encryption system in order to confirm transactions (Grade Fixer, n.d.). While conventional financial systems utilize materials as a medium of exchange, cryptocurrency is purely digital. There is no need for physical objects in order to undertake transactions using bitcoin. The storage of this type of currency is in digital wallets, where it can later be transferred to others whenever a transaction is undertaken. There are other types of cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, and NEO. These types of currencies cannot be touched that work on the blockchain technology. Blockchain is the safest avenue to store data across the world and can easily manage transactions that are secure and public.

Choose a great topic

In order to do your essay on bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you must choose a great topic that you are sure to meet all the requirements. Great essay topics must be leverages on something that is interesting, informative, or you perceive that the reader would like to learn about. As a student, selecting a great topic is essential but usually tricky. Therefore, make sure that the topic is narrow and responds to a particular issue regarding bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. After choosing a great topic, make sure you develop a good thesis statement and outline for more comfortable writing of the paper. This will assist in keeping you on track and avoiding unnecessary arguments during the process of writing. Make sure you stick to the proposed outline whenever you are writing the essay. Do not repeat ideas or words. Be comprehensive and articulate in what you are saying about the subject.

Make strong research

Great essay are hinged on comprehensive research about the subject in order to develop well-rounded and evidence-based arguments. Always purpose to support your arguments with research from credible sources. The introduction part of the essay can provide general information about the topic and establish a strong argument on what the paper is about. In the subsequent section, make sure every paragraph center on a single idea or topic, with proper topic sentences and concluding sentences. There is also a need to properly cite the information from other sources as per the guidelines from your teacher or instructor (Oxford Royale Academy, 2014).

Check essays on the same topic

After selecting the essay topic and doing research, it is essential to read other essays about the topic. This will broaden your perspective and give you insights on how you need to organize the paper. Additionally, other essays on the topic can also lead to other sources of information where you can learn more about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Since cryptocurrency is gaining popularity, there are hundreds of websites that are offering false information about the subject. Checking and reading essays by other people can highlight the proper places or libraries you can access credible information about the topic. If you think that you need assistance with you essay writing process, you can consider help from The site offers different essay writing services and can offer a unique, scholarly, and well-researched essay. You can also gain more knowledge about the issue and provide a basis to write a more knowledgeable essay that will guarantee an excellent grade.

Find a friend who know more about Bitcoin

Your closest friend can also assist you in the process of writing your paper. Friends may understand more about issues we are not understanding. In order to write a good essay on bitcoin or cryptocurrency, request your friends to assist you on how you can handle the topic. This is essential in ensuring that you have adequate knowledge on the topic as well as the process of completing the paper. If you believe that you need a professional guideline on how you can handle the assignment, then you can request for services as Essay Kitchen. Completing an essay on Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency need adequate knowledge and skills to ensure that there are minimal preventable mistakes. Do not hesitate to request assistance from friends who know more about the topic or hire a professional writer or researcher to complete the essay for you. Friends are especially valuable because they can critique your writing and make sure that your ideas are consistent with proper transitions.


At this stage, you should have written you professional and academic essay based on the information provided. Before you submit the essay, make sure that all areas and points are covered effectively according to the outline of the paper. This is essential in ensuring that there is no confusion or mix-up of ideas throughout the paper. Also, the process of proofreading the essay ensures that there is a good transition between sentences, ideas, and paragraphs, including proper conclusive arguments. The process of proofreading also assists in minimizing grammar and word choice problems. This is very important because it ensures that your readers can read and understand what you are saying in the essay. You can also get professional editing services as suggested earlier or request your friend or classmate to proofread the paper.

Writing an effective and great essay about Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency can be achieved by following simple guidelines and seeking assistance where needed. There is a need to remain focused and narrow your arguments to the chosen topic. As a writer, you also need to be articulate about what you are saying and back up your arguments with research. Also, utilize credible sources that can be accepted in an academic essay. Make your introduction captivating and draw-in the reader. Every claim you make in the essay must be based on evidence and adhere to certain academic standards. Formatting your essay should be standardized as per the requirements of your instructor or teacher.


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