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Blockchain Development Ideas for Better Living

Most people see blockchain as the technology behind Bitcoin and other new-gen financial tools. It’s a limited vision: potentially, many different industries can benefit from the DLT. Today there are plenty of blockchain startups not related to the finance industry - some innovative blockchain development ideas are related to insurance, supply chain, and other industries.

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Best Crypto Wallets in 2020

Since the Bitcoin revolution of 2009, the term cryptocurrency is often used interchangeably with Bitcoin. Although cryptocurrencies are considered highly volatile, their demand only seems to explode over the years. As the values keep climbing, the public might be interested in owning a few, especially since one Bitcoin is probably worth a few thousand dollars!

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How to Avoid Different Types of Crypto Scams?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, and it paves the way for many cybercriminals. It is liquid and portable. Once a transaction process is completed, then it is impossible to revert it. This is the reason why a wave of scams has flooded the digital realm.

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Top Five Websites You Need For Bitcoin Trading

Are you searching for quality websites for trading in bitcoin? If yes, then there are many websites available that you can use to trade in bitcoins. Many people cannot select the right platforms for trading in bitcoins. The investments in BTC are equal to that of the investments in stocks. But before making your investments in bitcoins, you must select the right platforms and websites.

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Is Tether the Next Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is widely known for being the first cryptocurrency ever. Once this digital money became highly sought-after, many other cryptocurrencies came onto the market with the goal of trying to achieve the same.

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Are Instant Loans Good for Debt Management?

With many of us struggling to keep our finances on track throughout the course of the year, the smallest financial emergency could be enough to leave us out of pocket for the remainder of the month. When faced with this situation, it can seem impossible to get your finances back on track.

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4 Reasons Why Investing in Bitcoin Is Better Than Stock Trading

Cryptocurrencies have become a fast and easy way to make a quick profit. People from across the globe have savvied up and spend their days investing, buying, and trading Bitcoins. Stock trading, or day trading, is another very accessible, and easy method of trading. Bitcoins, however, are far easier, and a better method of trading and making money from the comfort of your own home.

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