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Few years go people were not acquainted with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Slowly people came to know about Bitcoin and started using it for various purposes. The online casinos started accepting Bitcoin, and players also using it for their betting. When a player transfers Bitcoin, it is converted into a standard currency like dollar or euro, and the process is very similar to a debit card or bank transfer. Some players are still awkward using cryptocurrency; know the advantages and disadvantages of using cryptocurrency.


As no third party is involved in Bitcoin transaction, both online เว็บพนัน and players enjoy absolute privacy. There are no chargeback issues involved in Bitcoin like standard credit cards. The ambiguous online gambling legal framework is a deterrent for bank transaction of many casinos. Players are looking for alternate, safe options for money transfer, which the cryptocurrency offers. In this regard Bitcoin is the best available option. No third party (bank) is concerned in the transaction, so no need of linking your bank account, credit/debit card.

No tax deduction

Deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin is instant, undeniably most deposit is immediate, but drawing takes two or three days in conventional banking route. In Bitcoin, you will be able to withdraw your fund with immediate effect. No country has recognized Bitcoin as a regular currency, which makes it a double edge sword. As the money is not legalized, your winnings in Bitcoin denomination are not subjected to taxation. Your identity is not disclosed, and the processing fee is levied. The transactions are fast and secure, but jumping your gun, know about the disadvantages of cryptocurrency.

Volatile currency

Casinos those accept Bitcoin need not carry a legitimate license issued by a particular jurisdiction. An illegal casino is not a perfect place to put your hard-earned money. Although the popularity of Bitcoin is increasing, many casinos are not willing to accept the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is hugely volatile currency; the exchange rate with significant currencies fluctuates widely. Some websites process the withdrawal process manually, prolonging the processing procedure. Bitcoin is more of a speculation tool, rather than investment one. This wax, wane cycle makes this currency so volatile.

Slow processing speed

Low transaction procession speed is another hindrance for casinos using Bitcoin. Though it is supposed to be lightning-fast, in reality, it is not so. Sometimes the transaction may take as long as 20 minutes as it depends on miner`s work, not on an automated system.

People are getting more interested in cryptocurrency as it has spectacular evolution on online casinos. The modern internet, network technology has given Bitcoin an innovative edge, and more casinos are accepting digital currency. To transact in Bitcoin, first, you need to set up a Bitcoin wallet and fund it with digital currency. You can buy Bitcoin from different websites. Wagering with Bitcoin is very much similar to dealing with real money, but it offers complete anonymity, safety and security. But this currency is extremely volatile, exchange rating fluctuating on an hourly basis.


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A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

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