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Bitcoin Sees Substantial Drop in Market Dominance

Bitcoin is the world’s most renowned digital currency. However, there are now a number of other cryptocurrencies following in its wake, which has led to a substantial drop in market dominance to below 56%. This decline looks set to continue as other digital currencies such as XRP, Ethereum and Binance Coin continue to post strong gains - all having seen a big jump in the past week.

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Tips On Preparing For The New Financial Year

While the new financial year may not be as exciting as the turning of New Year, it is still wise to set yourself some financial resolutions. Making sure you head into a new financial year with a clear head and an idea of how you want the following 12 months to look can be truly beneficial.

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Top 5 Risks of Investing in Bitcoin

Theft or loss through negligence

There have been cases among users of virtual currencies where they have lost access to their secret keys - and as a result, their Bitcoin wallets - due to unfortunate circumstances or their own negligence.

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Which Are The Best Crypto Wallets To Use?

With cryptocurrency slowly becoming more of a norm, lots of people are wondering how they can buy it, use it and store it. Previously words like Bitcoin would have sent people running to the hills, under the assumption that it was complicated and not something for them but times are certainly changing.

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Do You Need A Credit Check When Borrowing Money?

Having poor credit or no credit history at all can potentially make borrowing money difficult, but it is not necessarily a roadblock in every case. There are more options for those with poor credit now than in the past, and many ways to improve your credit score for future credit applications.

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Using Bitcoin – Four Easy Steps

Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular currency option across the globe in the past decade. Cryptocurrency is virtually impossible to counterfeit thanks to its cryptography. The ease of access and discretion of Bitcoin has throttled its demand. With a high market demand, cryptocurrency’s popularity is only increasing.

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