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When talking about starting your online business, it's necessary to mention blockchain eCommerce technology. Its appearance more than ten years ago and the person who invented it is a mystery. Still, the one thing is sure- this cloud-based system for storing information is growing day by day, and it's completely changing eCommerce. This massive step is increasing the security of transactions in combination with better customer service. The primary function is to improve the global financial landscape, and of course, the eCommerce business.

If you want to know more about blockchain's role in further eCommerce development and what will happen in the future, continue reading.

What Is Blockchain?

A blockchain represents a sort of open-source database. It's used for collecting data into unique structures called blocks. Each block is a structural and functional unit, and the blocks are interconnected into the chain structure that holds all the information together. The primary idea of its invention was solving the double-spending problem of Bitcoin. Nowadays, it has limitless applications, and we use it for data sharing, money transfers, and online retail.

Benefits of Blockchain

The main benefit is definitely decentralization. This means that there is no single unique database in one place. Also, it has no single control system, and there are many copies of it, too, so no one can target a single structure, which is bad news for hackers.

Why Is Blockchain the Future?

Having all the benefits from the above in mind, it's obvious why eCommerce is so popular these days. Here are some things that may impact its future:

  • Cryptocurrencies

Using cryptocurrencies in online stores will become a norm. It enables fast transactions. Unlike credit cards that can take a few days to process, cryptocurrencies are processed immediately, with much lower fees. The fees are always lower than the ones on the PayPal and other credit card systems, and their value depends on which cryptocurrency you are using.

  • Security

We already mentioned it a couple of times, but there is a connection with the virtual currencies too. The decentralization part is essential here. When you are making some money transactions without using cryptocurrencies, there is someone in the middle- the bank. With this new type of payment, there is a much lower chance of fraud.

  • Smart Contracts

These programs are stored on the blockchain, written directly into its code. This is an agreement only between buyer and seller. Once a condition is finally met, the contract is executed, and there is no need for paperwork. There is no third party or some kind of central authority involved, so you definitely don't need to question the security. The blockchain plays a vital role.

Keeping in mind all these new things appearing in recent years in eCommerce, there is an excellent chance that it will reach some new heights sooner than we think. The number of satisfied users will surely grow, and you can be sure that you'll never have to wonder who has access to your data again.

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