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The blockchain and crypto world is very wide and complex. It is quite difficult to walk through it alone without the help and guidance of experts.

Many people have been scammed in their first attempt to buy bitcoin because they had nobody to put them through the right path.

To help you through your journey in the crypto world we have put this piece together. In this piece, we will be giving you some crypto influencers on Twitter to follow with their links. These people will help make your journey easier.

It is however important for you to know that we are not listing these people in any particular order, so do enjoy.

You can also these top 10 crypto blogs to improve your knowledge and stay informed in 2021.


Pomp is a Bitcoin maximalist, who has been in the crypto space for a long time. He is a strong supporter of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He has a verified account on Twitter with over 600,000 followers. He is an investor and on his description page on Twitter, he said he has invested over $100M in start-up companies.

Pomp helps increase the adoption of Bitcoin and he has featured in a lot of debates defending Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. His Twitter handle is @APompliano for South Africans that want to follow him.


Another twitter crypto influencer for South African is Michael Saylor. He once tweeted ”Bitcoin is gaining credibility, and as a digital-analogue of gold but with greater convexity, my guess is that Bitcoin will, over time, take more market share from gold”, Michael is the Founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, and also a strong supporter of Bitcoin. He has been actively writing and posting about Bitcoin. South African that wants to buy Bitcoin and would like to follow him can follow his Twitter handle @michael_saylor.


The third influencer on our list is a very popular crypto trader. Although he isn’t as popular as Pomp and Saylor, he is sure an important person. He doesn’t tweet much but he posts tips and hints with trading views. He tweeted on the 10th of February that he is not selling a single LiteCoin until $400. His Twitter handle is @AngeloBTC.


Hayden is an Ethereum developer and the inventor or creator of Uniswap Protocol. Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange used on the Ethereum blockchain and it uses smart contracts. He tweets a lot, but he is one of the few people that really want decentralization to work well for a true reason: be able to buy BTC, Ethereum, and other altcoins and use your money at your discretion without the influence of the government. If you are interested in following him his Twitter handle is @haydenzadams.


This influencer is quite unique because he mostly jokes around, but he is no doubt very resourceful. He has been dealing with crypto since 2016. Fonship might not have the followers like people listed before him, but he needs to be here because he mostly talks about altcoins. He is a crypto trader and has his telegram channel where he teaches people how to trade. South Africans that want to trade cryptocurrency and crypto enthusiasts that want to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins can follow him. His Twitter handle is @fonship.

He is very active on Twitter and his predictions are mostly accurate but he plays a lot, and he also sarcastic at times so you have to be very careful picking what to follow from what he posts.


The list will be incomplete without Willy woo because we carefully put the list together to include every expertise in the blockchain world. We have maximalists, Bitcoin investors and traders, Ethereum developers, also altcoin investors and traders, and now Willy woo. Willy woo is a technical analyst, a very good one. He posts data and charts almost every day analyzing the market. His Twitter account is woonomic for whoever wants to follow him.


Lastly, we have Bloqport. Bloqport is all about institutional news. They are very timely, efficient, and accurate in their news. Aside from the news that is up to date, they post stories, data, research, and analytics that matter most. Their Twitter page is the same as the name blog.

So far we have been able to put this helpful resource together to accommodate influencers that can help you through your cryptocurrency trading and investment journey. However, these aren’t the only source of cryptocurrency news out there, there are many websites like Cointelegraph, Coinbase, Dailycryptonews for all your unconventional news.

Where to buy bitcoin

With the right news and the right people to follow, what is left is the right platform to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. If you have the right information but you don’t have the right platform that is trusted and verified you might still end up losing your money. There are two choices when choosing a platform, you can either invest through a trusted P2P exchange like Remitano or a spot exchange like Binance.

In conclusion, we have given you the most pertinent things you need, what is left is just your additional research. Enjoy your crypto journey and have a nice experience.

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