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Theft or loss through negligence

There have been cases among users of virtual currencies where they have lost access to their secret keys - and as a result, their Bitcoin wallets - due to unfortunate circumstances or their own negligence. The computer hard drive can also crash, and one careless move will lead to deletion of the file with the secret keys.

Lack of Security

One of the biggest risks is that Bitcoin virtual currency is not secured in any way. Absolutely all national currencies around the world are backed by government assets. Electronic currencies are backed by the assets of the companies that created them.

Risks related to cyber-security

Hackers can hack into virtual currency trading platforms. For example, in August 2016, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Hong Kong-based Bitfinex, was hacked and 119,756 BTC, or $72 million, was stolen, causing Bitcoin to plummet 23 percent immediately. Zane Tackett, public relations manager at Bitfinex, reported that the hacker somehow managed to bypass Bitgo's protections, including two-factor authentication and a multi-signature mechanism, resulting in a massive withdrawal from individual wallets of the exchange's users.

Virtual currency fraud

Since Bitcoin's inception, its acceptance has grown exponentially, making it the most popular virtual currency used around the world. Unfortunately, as bitcoin grows in popularity, the number of scammers looking to make money from it also increases. Unfortunately, this risk goes along with both virtual and real money transactions.

High volatility

Bitcoin's value fluctuations, in general, are virtually unpredictable in the short term, and that adds to its riskiness. Financial experts can relatively accurately predict the value of the dollar, the euro, and other real currencies or stock prices. But no one can accurately predict what Bitcoin will be worth tomorrow.

In the long term, some experts are trying to do so. For example, Chappuis Halder & Co. concluded in a new report that Bitcoin will equal fiat currencies in terms of volatility by 2019. The authors of the report tried to create a model that would allow predicting the value of Bitcoin. Similar models already exist for other assets. The researchers concluded that the coming years will be quite successful for Bitcoin, but success will be fraught with speculation and rate volatility. The report sees BTC as a new asset type that can be used as currency and storage for investments. But the market still needs more time to get to know and accept Bitcoin, the report's authors say.


In conclusion, I would like to summarize that Bitcoin is a good and interesting solution for making profits, but mainly for those investors who are willing to take risks, because there are no guarantees of minimum return or at least break-even investment. If you just want to have a good time and get a chance to increase your capital, I would rather suggest you check out the different casinos in Monte Carlo. After all, any investor who is going to work with cryptocurrency should clearly understand what it is and have a well-thought-out plan of action for all sorts of scenarios, and this requires thorough preparation and, accordingly, lots of time.


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