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Is it the right time to buy cryptocurrency?

Due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, the market of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has always been a volatile one.

From the heady days of 2017 where millionaires were literally minted overnight to the crash of 2018 that sent punters scrambling, the volatility associated with the cryptomarket has often put off prospective investors.

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5 Ways How Bitcoin Revolutionized Today's Digital World

Cryptocurrency has become quite a buzz word nowadays. Bitcoin (BTC), in particular, is the first established digital medium of exchange that’s gaining traction in the business world.

Satoshi Nakamoto created the asset and network in 2008. However, back then, it was merely revolutionary in the fintech niche.

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Incorporating Bitcoins Into Your Favorite Poker Games

Poker is without a doubt one of the oldest and most beloved card games around. Although it might be older than dirt, it is still a game that people are discovering. People are not developing new ways to play the game every day, but they are coming up with new items to use as collateral.

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What to do if You’re Setting Up a Small Business

Setting up your own business is an exciting adventure. Yet, it can also be a scary one — if you’ve never done this before, what do you do? What should you look out for?

Having a goal that you’re passionate about achieving will drive you to success in this life project, but there will be times when you’ll want to get a bit of advice on what you should be doing to ensure you’re a success.

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How to Spend Your Hard Earned Bitcoin Online

One of the biggest criticisms of Bitcoin is that not every online store will accept cryptocurrency as payment. It’s true, many merchants are somewhat wary or skeptical of accepting cryptocurrency but widespread adoption is seeing more and more merchants facilitating the “king of crypto” – Bitcoin.

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Advantages of Using Bitcoin for Gambling Online

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology solves so many long-standing issues related to money that it’s hardly a shocker to see how so many industries embraced crypto.

One of the best examples is the online gambling field that opened the door to BTC almost instantly. Here are the main reasons why.

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