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The Bitcoin is the currency of the future, at least according to some, and their prices are increasingly a subject of interest and speculation. Bitcoin is a virtual currency, the most famous in circulation.

With Bitcoin Storm Official Site 2020 you can earn much money. The cryptocurrency, which is just one of many present today, has as its strength a complex cross between privacy and technological innovation. Some stores around the world accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, while in other jurisdictions Bitcoin is illegal.

Bitcoin do not exist concretely, there is no body that controls their diffusion, but they are limited to being a currency present on an IT level. The creation of Bitcoin is associated with the resolution of very complex calculation processes, a method that regulates their progress and growth according to predictable patterns. The impressive rally made last year by Bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies has convinced several small investors to try their hand at this asset class. Since last November; the cryptocurrency market has witnessed a strong influx of new capital, especially in the wake of Bitcoin records which in its ride set its historical maximum at 20,000 dollars. But the low barriers to entry into a field full of daily opportunities still have costs that must be seriously taken into account. The most common mistakes among beginners are here

Don't prepare an action plan: Many users, perhaps stimulated by breaking news on the new record set by Bitcoin, throw themselves into the arena without determining a strategy, a time horizon and the related profit objectives. Throwing your money in the direction of a cryptocurrency hoping to get rich is like buying a lottery ticket only that generally costs much more. Trading and investments is another thing.

Don't study projects: If in this field you have to choose a mantra to repeat before making any move, this would be the acronym DYOR, which stands for Doing Your Own Research. The great offer of blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, webzines and online communities specifically dedicated to the to the world of cryptocurrencies. For too many, represents an excuse to follow someone else's instructions slavishly (maybe a self-styled "expert" or "influencer"), maybe without developing any plan B (and here we go back to point number 1).

Don't have patience: In a scenario dominated by FOMO (the fear of being cut off from big occasions) and constantly shaken by pump and dump, it is worth mentioning one of the maxims of Warren Buffett, for which "financial markets are the place to transfer wealth from the impatient to the patients ". And the long-term returns of Bitcoin or major altcoins only testify to it.

Do Not Take Proper Safety Precautions: Of all the errors on this list, this is not only the most common, but potentially the most lethal.
Unfortunately, a substantial portion of users still tends to leave exchanges the custody of their tokens. They do it without being able to enjoy any type of guarantee in the event of theft by hackers or of sudden "cessation of activities". Remember: your cryptocurrencies are not really "yours" until you are the only one who controls the "private keys" that guarantee access. This highly risky modus operandi often accompanies other bad habits such as not keeping physical copies of sensitive elements such as passwords for various services or not using two-factor authentication. Prudence is never too much.

Selling cryptocurrencies when prices are high: Cryptocurrency prices continue to fluctuate. You can buy them and in a week, the price has doubled. When buying cryptocurrencies, keep in mind the final game. Plan how to sell cryptocurrencies. Do not rush to sell coins just because the price of some coins has risen from the price you purchased them.

Do not have a strategy: Would you leave an airplane without a parachute? It is similar for cryptocurrency trading. Take the time to explain what your goals are and when to sell. Also, consider that the deal may not be going as planned.

Overconfidence: It's tempting to pour all your faith and capital into what is now popular. However, doing so increases the risk of losing your investment and puncturing your wallet.


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