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As people are learning more and more about Bitcoin, they may get a little more cautious about their investment. According to Lear Capital, although Bitcoin is considered a safe haven investment, similar to that of gold and silver, it is a bit more volatile than gold and silver. This makes some people nervous and they would rather trade in their bitcoin coins for some precious metals. Well, you can do that at many of the exchanges. Let's take a look at some options to exchange your bitcoin for the precious metal.


This is an exchange that is based out of New York City, New York. It was founded by a gentleman named Mike Maloney, you may have heard of him as he is a published author and a precious metal advisor. This exchange will allow you to purchase precious metals and have the metal shipped to you. They ship all over the world. Some investors will have alternative coins to Bitcoin, which will first have to be exchanged out to make such a transaction.

While some like to have the precious metals in their hands, you can also opt to have GoldSilver save the metals and store them for you. They have a fully insured and guarded storage area that is safe to do this. GoldSilver will allow for up to one million dollar transactions, but you would need to contact them directly for such a large transaction.

If you like the idea of having the gold and silver in your hands, then might be the right choice for you. These guys are known for their low min. orders and don't hit you with high shipping costs. This a great way to get your feet wet in investing in gold and silver. doesn't offer any storage options. They are only for buying online and having it shipped to you.


Vaultoro is based out of London, England, and Berlin, Germany. It is strictly a gold bullion dealer. They offer direct trading between members, which will save you on broker fees. Vaultoro was founded by Joshua and Philip Scigala and shipped to the US, Canada, the EU, Mexico and some parts of Asia. They not only ship the gold but also offer secured and insured storage areas that their members can take advantage of. They are very on top of what they have of yours in their storage area and will send you a statement each month. Vaultoro allows you to buy and sell gold for Bitcoin.


GoldMoney offers a variety of metals for sale through the exchange of Bitcoin. These metals include palladium, platinum, gold, and silver as options. And, they are believed to be one of the first to offer precious metals for trade of Bitcoin. They are one of the older and more established companies. They will ship the metal or store it in one of their very secure storage facilities.


Bitgild is another exchange that accepts Bitcoin for gold and silver. However, they offer the purchase of it by weight and not just by the bar. They do not have storage facilities but will guarantee shipping in one business day.


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