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One of the biggest criticisms of Bitcoin is that not every online store will accept cryptocurrency as payment. It’s true, many merchants are somewhat wary or skeptical of accepting cryptocurrency but widespread adoption is seeing more and more merchants facilitating the “king of crypto” – Bitcoin.

And this is great news for everyone. After all, Bitcoin is incredibly fast and convenient to use. More notably, many holders are eager to spend and use their Bitcoin to pay for day-to-day purchases.

Anyway, in this article, I would like to talk about how you can spend Bitcoin online and some of the most reputable companies that will take your cryptocurrency at the drop of a hat.

How to Spend Your Hard Earned Bitcoin Online

Using Bitcoin to Buy Game-related Products and Services

Many gamers use Bitcoin to pay for various gaming related products and services. For instance, even though Microsoft suspending payments for a short time, you can now use Bitcoin to pay for everything in the Xbox Store. In case you might be asking yourself, this “pause” was due to recent volatility in cryptocurrency markets. However, as time has passed and markets have settled down since then. In fact, Bill Gates has made several positive remarks about Bitcoin over the past few years which suggests Microsoft has every intention of continuing with this payment form. By the way, this also means that you can use Bitcoin to purchase movies and apps from Microsoft.

That being said, there are more and more gaming retailers that accept Bitcoin. Newegg might not be the biggest brand out there but the online store has an excellent lineup of technology with everything from consoles and controllers to games, headsets and other accessories.

Buying Flights and Forms of Travel with Bitcoin

Everyone likes to travel and paying with Bitcoin is an extremely quick way to purchase flights. While not every booking engine is open to the idea, some of the big boys are more than happy to accept Bitcoin. For example, Expedia is one of the largest booking engines on the planet that accepts Bitcoin for several forms of travel including flights. As you may know, Expedia is one of the more trusted websites for booking flights and also one of the best engines for finding cheap flights.

At the same time, you don’t necessarily need a big brand name for booking a flight and Cheap Flights is another booking engine that accepts Bitcoin for the purchase of flights. What’s more, Air Baltic operates flights through Europe and the Middle East. Although traditional forms of payment are required for most tickets, there is also a “basic ticket” option for which they accept Bitcoin.


Just so you know, Etsy is an online store on which you can purchase various vintage crafts and handmade cards. In fact, you can not only find jewelry and bags on Etsy but also clothing, furniture, home décor and tools. And guess what? Etsy accepts Bitcoin. You can also make life easier with the search facility that allows you to filter out sellers who might not accept Bitcoin.

Now, it should be mentioned that each individual seller will decide whether or not to accept Bitcoin but most sellers do offer this option. Also, a separate portal must be opened in order to complete a purchase on Etsy with Bitcoin but at the end of the day, this service is quick and effective for both parties. With Etsy being such a reliable and trusted source, you can also rest assured the platform makes every effort to ensure the safety and satisfaction of customers that choose to pay with Bitcoin.

Online Casinos that Accept and Encourage Payment with Bitcoin

It’s true that not all casinos are created equal and this is certainly the case with online casinos. That is to say, not every online casino can be trusted and many offer poor odds or bonuses. However there is always a diamond in the rough and 888 Casino is one that accepts Bitcoin. In fact, if you check out this review, you should see this online casino even encourages players to pay with Bitcoin. What’s more, according to NjGambling Fun, 888 Casino gives very generous match bonus to everyone who deposits Bitcoin online. Anyway, some online casinos accept Bitcoin and you can pretty much find any game that you might use at a land casino. In fact, not only will you find these games available but you should also find an even wider variety of slots, tables and card games in an online casino.

Using eGifter Cards to Make Life Easier

eGift cards are pretty much the same as traditional gift cards, except better. After all, you can use these cards online and in-store which is something you cannot do with the former. eGift cards are also delivered via email or text which means that are convenient and quick in every way. As for what you can actually buy, there are several hundred top National brands and a range of mediums (video, electronic card) through which you can have this card delivered to the receiver. Once again, not every product is available to buy with Bitcoin but most sellers accept cryptocurrency as payment. To be clear, the person receiving this card does not need to even know that you paid with Bitcoin and their ecard will contain value in fiat currency ($) which is unaffected by whatever might happen in cryptocurrency markets.

Final Thoughts

Although the price of Bitcoin will change depending on cryptocurrency markets, spending your hard-earned Bitcoin online certainly makes life easier. With more and more merchants accepting the cryptocurrency, this convenience is sure to continue and markets will eventually settle down. What’s more, this is a fun opportunity to start practicing for the future, for every other retailer is sure to adopt crypto as a payment method. Either way, these are just a few of the more prominent or trusted places in which you can spend Bitcoin and a sure sign of things to come.


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