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The debate is in full swing among the big names in finance and IT: can the paradigm truly transform the way in which not only banks operate, but also public administrations and business networks?

More than ten years after its birth, the blockchain represents today a paradigm and an innovation platform that allows giving new answers to many and different needs of businesses, organizations, citizens and consumers. And if for several years the knowledge and attention to the blockchain has been limited mainly to the world of developers or in other ways to those who had immediately glimpsed its potential from a financial point of view, during 2019 an important jump took place of quality in terms of dissemination of knowledge and expectations.

The blockchain, as it happened for the Internet, is gradually entering our lives, often indirectly, in many cases only as a possible solution to platforms that solve our needs in an innovative way or the needs of the companies in which we work or of the Public Administrations that provide the services we use. Whatever the way we come in contact with the blockchain, it seems increasingly important to know it, to be aware of its prospects and its potential.

In particular, unlike other technological innovations, the blockchain refers to some apparently very different and distant themes and concepts, which we normally do not associate with digital innovation: trust, responsibility, the community, decentralization. In addition, alongside these there are others that have a strong relationship with technology, but which in turn are not "usual" as the themes of transparency, immutability, sharing and "competition" in achieving a result. Certainly, the originality of the "ingredients" that make the blockchain or that arrive with the blockchain the secret of so much interest and many expectations must also be sought. Click on Teekia Tiwari 5 coins to know more.

The objectives of this editorial service

Just to try to know this phenomenon and to prepare for its advent we have created this service, in continuous evolution and we want to emphasize that the preparation was born from the desire to study and share the fruits of the update, analysis and collection of testimonials that we create every day on thee magazine.

We cannot hide that we are firmly convinced of the extraordinary importance of blockchain in the innovation process of companies, organizations and public administrations in our country and at the same time we are aware of the complexity of this change and the need to provide information and training to help everyone understand its value to exploit its true potential.

It is with this real spirit that experts have launched this specific service in which we include research, analysis, case histories, interviews, best practices and suggestions from books and insights to help precisely increase knowledge and awareness of the prospects and use of the blockchain.

You will find in the text two "different" representations of the blockchain and the difference at first sight is minimal: the Blockchain with the capital "B”, as a proper name, which refers to the Bitcoin Blockchain, the first and the best known of the blockchains; and, precisely, the blockchain with the lowercase "b" , which we will use to qualify the blockchain as technology and as a phenomenon.

In this case, the blockchain is to be seen as a platform that allows the development and realization of a new form of social relationship, which thanks to the participation of all is able to guarantee everyone the opportunity to verify, to "control", to have total transparency on the deeds and decisions, which are recorded in archives which have the characteristic of being unalterable, unchangeable and therefore immune to corruption.

The second note concerns a very first and brief qualification of the relationship between blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies or DLT. The elements of differentiation between the various types of DLT they are primarily in the way in which the control and verification of the actions of writing on the Register are “governed”, on the methods and on the type of Consent necessary to validate these actions and on the structure of the distributed register itself.

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