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IT certifications are all the rage nowadays and most employers expect the eligible candidates to have one. This is because credentials are the best way to prove that the candidate possesses the necessary skills to do a certain job. There are many organizations that offer various badges but Cisco is a prominent one amongst them. It offers various ITcertifications at different levels, like entry, associate, professional, and expert mostly. One of the most demanded certification is the CCNP R&S and from this post, you’ll know about it, as well as one of its exams – 300-135 by code.

CCNP Routing & Switching Certification

The CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Routing & Switching badge proves that you have the skills to design, implement, validate, troubleshoot enterprise networks. To earn this credential, you have to take three exams. They are:

  • 300-101 ROUTE;
  • 300-115 SWITCH;
  • 300-135 TSHOOT.

It is to be noted that CCNP R&S will be retired soon and replaced by the CCNP Enterprise certification and its related exams, which are one core test 350-401 and one concentration assessment to your liking out of six ones.

Cisco 300-135 Exam Overview

The Cisco 300-135 exam is the last one on your way of earning the credential. It consists of 15-25 questions to be answered within 120 minutes. This exam will test your skills in planning, maintaining, and troubleshooting routed and switched networks. To prepare for this assessment, you can first follow a training course. By doing so, you can get the complete syllabus covered. Unfortunately, learning the syllabus will not be enough to pass 300-135. You have to use some reliable external resources that can give you that extra know-how on the concepts.

Best Web Platforms for 300-135 Exam Prep

  • Cisco
    With Cisco being the renowned certification provider, its website is the best place to get 100% reliable preparation material. It offers the Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks training course for exam Link For Home Page.
  • YouTube
    There’s no denying that all of us have used YouTube to watch tutorial videos to prepare for a lot of our upcoming tests. And you can make use of it to prepare for 300-135 as well. You can find plenty of tutorial videos that explain various IT concepts related to this Cisco assessment in a simple manner. In addition to that, you can also find tips and tricks on how to launch your exam prep process.
  • Amazon
    Amazon is a site where you can purchase all kinds of books dedicated to the CCNP R&S badge. Since books carry comprehensive knowledge it’s a great way to thoroughly learn any subject. From this platform you can buy the CCNP Routing and Switching Bundle (300-101, 115, 135) that will give you the gist of the three exams necessary to obtain the Cert bolt CCNP R&S credential.
  • Prepaway
    The is an online page that offers a lot of free and paid exam dumps for many IT certification exams, including 300-135. Braindumps are vce files that contain questions with answers from the real previous tests. You can use these dumps to check the format of the assessment and decide on the best ways to approach them. By using reliable exam dumps from the to practice by doing questions, you will be able to reinforce your knowledge to recall things easily. What’s more, as these dumps are offered in vce format, it’s of vital importance to have the VCE Exam Simulator installed on your laptop. This educational tool will help you open dumps and mimic the setting similar to the real test.

But why become strained and study for 300-135 and two other tests? Well, we’ll shed light on this below.

Why Get Certified?

You may wonder why you have to go through all this hassle to get yourself Cisco accredited. Why can’t you just get a basic degree and apply for a job? Well, here’s why:

  • Relevant Skills
    Getting certified is a means to gain new skills or polish your existing ones. And these skills are mandatory to work professionally.
  • Verification
    You can’t just walk into an interview and tell them you have so-and-so skills; you have to provide some sort of verification. And the best form of verification is a prestigious certification. The CCNP R&S badge can thus prove your skills in handling routing and switching processes in a network.
  • World of Opportunities
    Many job positions require you to possess certain credentials. So having the CCNP Routing & Switching can give you access to more job opportunities that were inaccessible before this certification. Since this credential is recognized and accepted worldwide, you have a better chance of standing out amongst other candidates and getting hired in no time.
  • Generous Salary
    Having more qualifications automatically makes you eligible for a higher salary and most employers will be happy to pay more to hire a qualified professional. The CCNP badge holders can earn up to $95k annually according to the report on the PayScale official website.
  • Security
    Job security is hard to attain in the field of IT because there are significant developments made and new features introduced frequently. So you must find a way to keep up with those changes. Cisco facilitates this by its recertification option.
  • Promotions
    Getting promoted is an employee’s dream. But to get promoted you have to acquire the necessary skills for the intended position. By getting yourself certified, you will not only gain the required skills but you will also be able to prove them to your higher-ups.

Getting certified doesn’t not limit to career aspects only but also gives you personal fulfillment.


Getting certified is the best way to boost your career in IT. Not just any certification but one that is accepted by renowned organizations worldwide will work. The CCNP Routing & Switching badge is one that can bring you many benefits like more job opportunities, a better chance of getting hired, higher salaries, etc. However, you’ll have to pass three tests, one of which is 300-135, to earn it. But with updated and reliable exam dumps available on the acing this assessment will be a walk in the park.

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