Why You Should Accept Website Donations in Bitcoin

Running a website is great fun. It is the perfect opportunity to indulge your passions and to engage with something which can be both creative and practical. Since the earliest days of the internet, entrepreneurs and savvy coders have found numerous ways to make money from the internet.

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What is an Enterprise Multiple?

There are many different methods and techniques which can be used to calculate the size of a company. The enterprise multiple is a ratio that is sometimes used when determining the value of a company, it differs from other techniques in that it models the firm in the same way that someone looking to acquire it would.

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Why Bitcoin is Scaring Experienced Financial Experts

Ponzi schemes have been around so long that even a novice financial expert can confidently identify and explain how they are doomed. After Bernie Madoff got caught duping well-educated and affluent victims, the general public got scared about making investments in financial products that weren’t regulated by the government.

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9 Reasons For Investing In Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been on the news a lot lately. It’s a form of digital currency which can now be used to purchase goods in the real world. For many people, though, it is best to keep it as an investment. What are the biggest reasons for investing in this kind of cryptocurrency?

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The Pros And Cons Of Being Paid In Bitcoin

For some companies, paying their employees or subcontractors in bitcoin is the preference. Is this a good idea? If you are offered a job that is paid in bitcoin – or any other kind of cryptocurrency – should you accept it, or is it best to stay away? We’ve put together a useful list of pros and cons should you ever find yourself in exactly this situation.

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