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The Spanish Championship is one of the strongest championships in the Old Continent, where hundreds of interesting games are held every day. At it is easy to follow games of all teams and convert your knowledge into new predictions. Bets are accepted on the confrontation of Granada too. This team rarely shines. But there have been glorious moments in its history as well.

So, in the season 2021/22, the football player of Granada, namely Jorge Molina, set a unique achievement. He scored the oldest hat-trick in La Liga history. It means that the striker managed to score 3 goals in one match when he was already 39 years and 81 days old.

This is a unique achievement. First, hat-tricks themselves don't happen often. Secondly, Molina is a middling player. In his younger years, he didn’t demonstrate such efficiency. But here he scored 3 goals at once at 39 years old. This achievement allowed him to forever inscribe his name in the history of the Spanish championship. On the 1xBit website, you can continue to follow this championship and its records. All matches are covered in as much detail as possible, which will always allow you to convert your knowledge into real rewards.

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As for Molina's record, it was possible thanks to:

  1. The forward's ability to open up and choose the right position on the field.
  2. Good teamwork. The forward managed to convert their cool passes into goals without any problems.
  3. Experience and the ability to correctly distribute forces for the entire game. It is clear that at 39 years old it is difficult to constantly demonstrate the maximum. It was obvious that Molina turns on only from time to time, but this was enough to establish a unique scoring achievement.

It is clear that at this age it was difficult for the attacker to count on any individual or team awards, but the honorary record is now unlikely to be taken away from him.

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