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My name is Benjamin Rees and i'm the general director of Windorbreez, a Web Design and Development group based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC. We have decided to branch out and put our money (and livelihood) where our mouths are. We believe in bitcoin, and think that a great way to help it grow is to accept it as payment ourselves!

We are fortunate to have enough regular work to be able to branch out and take a bit of a risk. Then again, our team is built by risk takers! We would ideally love to help launch bitcoin related sites, but we will absolutely do normal web design and development!

We build scalable frameworks built from the ground up with the best and most effective SEO practices. We try to stay on the cutting edge of mobile web development, and absolutely love using PhoneGap to bring HTML5/Javascript into native android/iOS environments.

Most frameworks are built on our custom Wordpress theme, which includes additionally internally developed plugins which aid in things such as user management, security, and general content management. We also offer long term support in both feature development and more specific advanced SEO where we work together and develop long-term strategies based on competition analysis, A/B testing, and good old Google Analytics.

Most of our clients are corporate so if you would like design portfolio examples or code snippets/examples simply ask and we will do our best to give you the most relative examples we have. Wordpress is our bread and butter, but we love new technologies like node.js, django, and Googles API.

We also have the added benefit of the internally developed tool called [Devbreez]( to help with the design and development process - it's especially helpful when we are collaborating with multiple remote clients!

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