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I have lived a pretty fun and interesting life – filled with luxury cars, houses, art, and watches. I travelled around the world in a private jet, stayed in some of the worlds best hotels, and partied harder than most rockstars. I was the poster child of the fiat overconsumption epoch and I peaked. I have made a lot of money more than once and I have lost a lot of money more than once, a few times I actually lost everything and once while in the midst of losing everything I was still spending millions on my divorce, feeding the mouths of my lawyer’s children instead of my own, and it felt like a never ending cycle.

When I had everything, life started to get boring. I saw and tried too many things. Too much pussy, too many risky business moves, too many “friends”, too many cars, too many vacations, too many parties, and too many drugs. I was not afraid to make a mistake because I had enough money to fix my mistakes – so I feared nothing, leaving me emotionless for the most part.

Each time I lost everything, life started to get scary. Each time I would realize I was not as young as I was the time before and not able to recover from my losses as quickly as I used to. I was not wealthy and reckless anymore and I started to worry about every mistake because I knew I did not have the money to fix my mistakes – so I feared everything, leaving me paralyzed for the most part. Unfortunately not paralyzed enough, because during one of my low points I started trading and because I was able to recover everything I lost in the divorce plus sum I thought I knew it all. That’s when I got greedy and only saw the fiat I was able to convert my bitcoin to at the moment, I had not yet discovered S2F and I had not yet realized that the basket of bitcoin I had would eventually be worth more than I have ever made in my entire life, I had not yet learned to HODL. I was overly confident and decided it would be a good move to invest in altcoins. I didn’t understand that it was all a scam designed by the altcoin devs to get their hands on my bitcoin. Obviously I lost everything trading alts.

I felt defeated, I couldn’t feel anything, and I couldn’t’ find any real purpose in life, I felt there was only one thing I could control at that time and that was my own life, so I purposely overdosed on coke, with the idea of dying in euphoria. Thank God I survived, the last thing I remember before passing out from the huge dose of coke that I swallowed, was extreme fear and a desire to live. One of the scariest memories I have to this date. I don’t recommend anyone taking on such a risky lesson, a DMT trip is a much safer solution for anyone looking to find a similar reset without the actual dying part.

With the combination of a few lucky events, a good medical team, and a few good friends, I was able to fully recover from that overdose and I was ready to go on with my life.

Although I had this memory of my desire to live, I was still depressed and recovering from my unsuccessful suicide attempt. I decided to change my email, my phone number, bought a few books, and moved to a quiet town where I could think about my future.

Luckily one of the books I took on this “recovery” trip was Saifedean’s ‘The Bitcoin Standard’. This is when my journey down the rabbit hole started, not when I first read about Bitcoin years before, not when I bought my first bitcoin to meet Lucy on the darknet, it all really started with that particular book. After that book I decided to sell all of the personal belongings I had left, my cars, my watches, and my only house, I knew it would only allow me to buy a small fraction of the bitcoin I had when I peaked, but I understood what it meant to HODL and I understood the math. I would not have the same amount of bitcoin I once had, but knew selling everything would allow me to have more than enough. Despite financially recovering from many major losses, buying back a portion of the bitcoin I once had, will likely end up being my greatest recovery to date.

Apart from being a victim and falling an addict to the fiat overconsumption culture, I was also an “Expert Maximalist” – I blindly believed almost any .gov/.edu “scientific” resource, but reading ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ was the opinion formation pivotal point for me.

Losing my wealth many times over, discovering Bitcoin, reading Ammous Saifedean’s book ‘The Bitcoin Standard’, and some of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s books have really helped open my eyes to the reality we live in. The best way to open one’s eyes to reality, is to explain money, because money is everything, despite what other people may tell you.

If you want good health, a happy relationship, healthy food, good medical care, safety, and a lot of time to do the things you enjoy doing – you need money, a lot of it. The sad reality is that most people don’t even know how much they need, fortunately for me I do know and this has allowed me to stack and HODL accordingly.

To understand how bad, fake, unfair, and evil our world is, one must open their eyes to the most important thing in our lives – money. It is the money that is rigged, none of us have ever had real money until we got our hands on bitcoin. It is extremely easy to understand bitcoin so long as your mind is open to the idea that you have been blinded by the current system and understanding that what you think “works” does not truly work, in fact you should accept the fact that you do not know how the system is actually working. Unfortunately most people have a hard time removing the layers of fiat propaganda forced onto them by the ruling elites that want to keep our brains washed forever.

I have tried to save as many friends, family members, and acquaintances as I could, I have even tried to save random cab drivers from the fiat armageddon that is coming, but very few have listened. I felt that I must do something more to help open the eyes of those near and far, since my own words were not enough for some and not able to reach the masses, I decided to use art as my voice in hopes that it will save just a few more people. I published a few sketches on my Twitter account – @BitcoinUltras and the reception was so positive, with so many people asking if they could buy my drawings I decided to launch this gallery.

This gallery is a non-profit, all revenue is spent on production costs and Twitter ads to help lead normies down the rabbit hole and encourage them to take the orange pill, to help in spread the word as much as I can – through art.

Every satoshi removed from an exchange or weak hands matters! HODL or #HFSP.

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