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BTC Tunnel was founded by XNS Technology Group; a company comprised of passionate and experienced IT professionals. XNS Technology Group (XNSTG), created in 2007, serves more than 10,000 clients in more than 70 countries. The XNSTG team is comprised of professionals that come from all areas of the web world; including IT, datacenter, networking, security, administration and related technology fields.XNSTG decided that a VPN provider that accepted Bitcoin as a form of payment would be revolutionary in the industry and would provide an unmatched level of anonymity. As a result, BTC Tunnel was launched; the first commercial service provider to offer Bitcoin as a method of payment, setting us ahead of the competition. Accepting Bitcoin greatly adds to the already in-depth security measures that XNSTG takes to secure its networks and grants clients unparalleled protection. This, combined with the quality of service that the staff at XNSTG delivers, puts us well on our way to becoming the most dependable VPN provider, gaining the respect of clients around the world.BTC Tunnel does not condone activities of an illegal or malicious nature, but we consider it your right to have freedom of speech, and the rights granted to every human. We want to reach out to those who are governed within countries that place strict rules and limitations on what information they are allowed to receive or speak of. Even for persons in territories with more lax restrictions, our VPN service gives you the ability to access location-restricted content.Security is priority number one at BTC Tunnel. The internet has evolved into an arena in which unknown threats surface each and every day. We maintain strict privacy policies and practices, which allow you to focus on what you need and want, without having to question the integrity of the system/network you are using. We are here to offer you the quality of service that you deserve, and security and peace of mind that you can trust.

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