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The problem – A small handful of mega corporations control some 90% of the news media in America, and distrust in the mainstream media is at all time highs. Independent and online media to date has tended to be biased towards one side of the political spectrum or the other, or has lacked the professionalism necessary to be taken seriously, along with lack of funds to really invest in boots on the ground investigating and fact checking of stories.

Starting up a network in the mold of the traditional network would be cost prohibitive, and with the way video content is being viewed in 2014, also wouldn’t make sense.

The solution – Starting a non traditional network by focusing on one show and producing great quality content, getting it on as many online and mobile (Roku, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc) platforms as possible, before looking to add another show.

Since I started working with Ben Swann (a 30 something news anchor with 14 years of journalism experience and a bitcoin advocate - we’ve taken some steps forward with our plans to build a news network around Ben, the “EMP News Network.” Ben has a proven track record of asking equally tough questions to both Republicans and Democrats and holding their feet to the fire - - - Real news goes beyond politics though and so do the stories we cover, and we are out to show that Humanity is Greater than Politics.

We’ve launched a Roku channel to help distribute our videos to new audiences -!details/35662/ben-swann-truth-in-media - and our broker is in talks with Hulu, Amazon Prime and other video distributors.

We truly believe we need to change the media landscape right along with the financial landscape, as bitcoin is already doing!

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