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With the development of Technology, network installation and network connectivity is good is needed to support a program can run smoothly. The aim is to improve the efficiency of a company in terms of time and performance.

Our services support your needs in terms of IT support for the repair and maintenance of the computer with this minimize troubleshooting and avoiding loss of working data.

And to improve security both in buildings, offices, shops, factories, housing, CCTV installation service or Ip cam we prepare for you. CCTV or IP cam is not only useful to prevent crime, from the business side installation of cctv useful to improve the effectiveness of the employee.

Address: Pedukuhan Manding Gandekan, RT 03, Trirenggo, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Kode POS:55714, Indonesia

Phone: +62 8572 9999 707

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