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Seedbox packages for bitcoins.

Need ultimate upload speed for your torrents? A machine that is on 24/7 to meet your bittorrent tracker ratio needs but leaving your home PC and bandwidth free? Does your ISP shape traffic? Are you a producer who wants to keep the cost of getting your product online down? Or are you a serious uploader stuck with an bad Internet Service Provider, or maybe you’re at college?

If any of the above is true then a seedbox would help in these aspects.

When using a seedbox, your home PC doesn't require any special software – your concerns over the RIAA or MPAA targeting you are gone. No more worrying about letters from your ISP – and better yet, no legal letters will be coming your way either. Not only is your uploading traffic offloaded from your home computer to the seedbox, but with a Virtual Private Network connection you can send all your Internet traffic through your seedbox through an encrypted channel.

All dedicated seedboxes come bursting with features including; a music and video streaming private site for you to play music or watch movies through your web browser right from your seedbox. VNC gives you a remote desktop which lets you use your seedbox as if you were sitting directly in front of it, with web browsing software, encoders, IRC clients and more.

Because of the very high speeds, seedboxes are very popular on private torrent trackers, where keeping a good ratio above 1:1 is the rule. Each of our unmetered seedboxes can both upload and download over 1TB of data every day. If you were to use the same amount of bandwidth on iTunes it would be the equivalent of over 1400 movies or 8500 albums every single day.

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