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Self-presentations tend be boring if they become too long. I’ll be brief and start from the beginning:

- I was born in Romania and as strange as it may seem I was a baby too; that was also the moment when I got my first rating: I scored a perfect 10 – my Apgar score.

- I bought my first camera, a Smena 8, during my seventh-grade school year. Unlike today’s full frame cameras, my Smena was fully manual. I went through exposure tables, ISO or ASA dilemmas, various distances and weather pre-sets. I should also mention my UPA-510 enlargement machine, the developing tank, its developer and fixer bottles.

- Later on I began a career in pharmacy and spent my time in the service of patients. At the same time, I started working in marketing and sales for multinational pharmaceutical companies.

- Filled with remorse I returned to photography in 2007, this time nurturing a mature love for this wonderful hobby. My cameras by my side, I travelled thousands of kilometres by plane or car. From impulse journeys across Europe to well-planned travels to North Africa or the Middle East, I did them all.

- By far the most exciting holiday was our 2009/2010 New Zealand one. It was love at first sight. Deep and unforgettable love. Together with my wife we were so excited that, in 2012, we decided to leave behind our families, friends, professions and enjoy New Zealand. Luckily our two awesome boys felt right away at home.

- “Keep on learning!” is my photographic motto. Every photograph reveals a new, fascinating and unexpected world regardless if it’s a portrait, a wedding, a corporate event or a simple blade of grass crowned with dew drops.

- Light has infinite shapes. My creative photographic process is about choosing the most suitable angles, reflections and shadows so that the final frame is artistic and aesthetically pleasing.

- Please take three minutes of your time to watch a film. To avoid losing your pictures I strong recommend printing them. All my prints and albums are carefully crafted by my partners QUEENSBERRY. Should you need further details about the excellent quality of QUEENSBERRY’s products, I encourage you to check their website.

- My goal is to achieve quality at an affordable price, and the main way I do this is by keeping overheads low. I listen to my clients’ needs and desires and together we decide on the best approach in line with your budget.

Location: Grenada Village, Wellington, New Zealand

Phone: +6402102356849

site link:



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