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At the Bitcoin Strategy Group, we understand bitcoin, and we know the vast benefits it brings to small business owners, namely in the incredible cost savings it has. We onboard merchants with this incredible technology, teach them the basics and how to use it, and then help promote your acceptance of this new currency to your customers, so you can see the effects of your positive choice immediately.

Bitcoin-startups use the BSG to clearly define and communicate their unique value proposition. Using our expert marketers and PR experts, Bitcoin Startups see immediate improvements in their content, public relations efforts and overall market share. Focus on what you know best and outsource the rest to a team of seasoned and proven experts.

And for those of us who simply want to understand how to navigate bitcoin and potentially profit from it, we offer 1-on-1 or group seminars to teach you the basics, help you get involved in a secure and safe way so you can also profit from this incredible technology. The btcsg team has one thing in common: we know Bitcoin, and we love it. Get in touch today to understand how we can help you.

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