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Betting on stocks used to be onerous or a privilege. It was onerous to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies on gambling sites. It was a privilege reserved for people with thousands of dollars, pounds or euros, with access to brokerage accounts and willing to pay a trading fee per bet. The privileged could easily bet on stocks like Facebook and Twitter but many, especially people outside of Western countries, could not.

StockBet™ is bringing liberty and freedom to the world, by letting people bet on stocks and initial public offerings (IPOs) with as little as 0.001 Bitcoin.

Betting on initial public offerings (IPOs) used to be exclusive, available only to the one percent on Wall Street or The City. Now, StockBet™ lets the small guys bet on the big name IPOs as well, such as GoPro or Alibaba.

Social competition makes people care more about winning or losing $100 in football pools than winning or losing $1,000 in their stock portfolios. With social competition, players enjoy bantering and debating about their picks. Currently, bulls and bears banter and debate about stocks on discussion forums. They challenge each other to bets on their stock picks, but cannot carry these out anywhere in a socially competitive setting. Now they can. With StockBet’s BullBear game, players can go toe-to-toe.

More and more brands, such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, are becoming global. Billions of users know them well. Many are bullish or bearish but cannot place bets on them, because they cannot open trading accounts or do not live in the West. Now they can.

StockBet’s BullBear game lets players bet against each other on a stock, ETF or index. Players can pick a stock or ETF from the thousands on the New York, London and Toronto stock exchanges, or they can bet on any of the major indices: Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P500, FTSE (London), CAC (Paris), DAX (Frankfurt) and TSX.

You no longer need to go through torturous deposits or withdrawals. You no longer need to have thousands of dollars to play the stock market. You no longer need to live in the West. You no longer need to be oppressed by brokerage regimes and trading fees. Stockbet™ is liberating you. Pick a stock, make a bet, challenge your friends. StockBet™ – making the stock market fun.

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