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Bitcoin became the talk of the town (and social media streets) over the past couple of years as its value rose exponentially turning a lot of Bitcoin investors rich in the process. While seeing the ‘overnight’ success of the people who had invested in Bitcoin, others were attracted and they also acquired their Bitcoin.

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Is It Wise To Invest In Bitcoin?

It is always tempting to invest in bitcoin; it seems to be the ‘in thing’ right now, and no one likes to feel as though they are being left behind. However, you must think carefully before investing in bitcoin (or anything else!) because we are talking about real money and real potential losses; yet there are also amazing gains to be had.

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Thailand’s place in the blockchain world

2018 has seen the introduction of a new blockchain powered component of start-ups by the Thailand national stock exchange. They have introduced a crowdfunding marketplace built upon blockchain technology in an attempt to widen the access to capital funds for domestic start ups.

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Reasons Why Digital Technology is Vital for Business Growth

The advancements in technology especially in the digital world are bringing a host of innovations to the hands of business owners across all sectors. The increase in the use of technology to automate systems and help grow businesses is revolutionizing some areas and helping companies to boost productivity while remaining competitive.

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Bitcoin in the real world

Bitcoin in the real world