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It is all the aforementioned qualities of cycling, the freedom that we put into our bicycles.

Bicycles so light that you effortlessly ride them, manouvre them, carry them, fix them, go everywhere with them, through the rough and smooth, the chaotic and the calm.

Bicycles that were made for exploring roads, trails, woodland, heath, tundra, rocks, hills, and every type of terrain that you might come accross as you ride. Because, who knows where you might decide to go?

We build our bicycles for SPEED. But we do not sacrifice comfort or versatility. Thats why we include higher gear ranges, aerodynamic features, lockable suspension and lightweight carbon construction to get you around FAST.

We build our bikes so you are unlimited, liberated and free from the constraints of other bikes that are designed only for one type of riding or are excessively heavy. So you can go as fast or as slow as you want.

A bicycle is an extension of you and your autonomy. Your bicycle and you together are one machine, each one needs the other. On a bike man is in his most efficient state being able to travel much faster and further for the same energy as walking or running.

At Cycle Torque our bicycles are designed to optimise this; making man and bike more efficient, more versatile and personal.

Location: Caterham, Surrey, UK

Phone: +44 (0)775 144 3242

site link:



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