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Paralog is the world's leading skydiving logbook and flight analysis software made by skydivers for skydivers - and BASE jumpers!

Paralog supports a variety of platforms: Windows, OSX and Linux are currently supported. Supplemental applications are available for Android, iOS and browser access.

Although being created with GPS and freefall loggers in mind, Paralog can be used as a standalone skydiver's logbook without a freefall logger. One or more freefall loggers can be added later at any time.

Main Features

  • Easily log, review and analyze your jumps
  • Calculate freefall times automatically or download jump details from Neptune, N3(A), ProTrack, AltiTrack, Skytronic FX/GFX, FlySight or compatible GPS devices
  • Download detailed jump profiles from Neptune, ProTrack, AltiTrack, FlySight or compatible GPS devices and analyze them using the sophisticated jump profile viewer
  • View your GPS tracks in 3D through seamless export to Google Earth
  • Attach images, videos and additional information to your jumps
  • Digitally sign your jumps to comply with the USPA SIM, Section 3.1
  • Manage your rigs, licenses and other personal information
  • Print your jump log with images and signatures using screen based layout
  • Publish and access your jump log on the web
  • Analyze your jumps with detailed reports and graphical charts
  • Exchange your jump log with Excel and other applications, e.g. video sub title generators. Export yur jump log to arbitrary formats through flexible, user customizable templates
  • Runs on Windows, OSX, Linux and other Java platforms!
  • Exchange your jump logs seamlessly with applications for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android or web access
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