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Laguna Hills, California, Nov. 2013 - A major home improvement survey recently revealed household painting as one of the most avoided home projects, ranked just behind cleaning junk out of the garage, clearing a rain gutter, and washing dirty windows. Though painting with a paintbrush is a relatively easy task, paint jobs are avoided because of the time consuming preparation and clean up. It is also difficult to match colors, sheens, and blend out brush marks.

Color-Glide Pro is a new brushless painting system that allows for controlled painting right up to edges and corners without multiple trips to a paint can. The paint flow from the applicator tube is self-controlled, just like squeezing a tube of toothpaste. There is no preparation time, no setup, and no cleanup. Best of all, any paint color or type can be used with the applicator.

Color-Glide Pro is perfect for covering scratches and scuffs, as well as small paint projects. Inventor Scott Stevenson says, “Color-Glide Pro is simple by design; it solves common problems and hassles associated with painting and provides more cost-effectiveness and convenience than a paintbrush.”

When users are finished painting, they can wipe the applicator with a paper towel and cap the tube until future use. The Color-Glide Pro is a great way to organize leftover paint and get rid of old, half-full paint cans.

“The best way to use Color-Glide Pro tubes is to fill the tubes right after the room is painted,” says Stevenson. “Just fill up a few Color-Glide Pro tubes and then discard the big and ugly paint can that normally is stored in the garage. Painting is now less intimidating.”

Barb Webb of raves, "No mess, no drips and minimal clean-up after. I put the cap on the paint tube to re-use later and simply rinsed out the pump with warm water. Color-Glide Pro will remain a valued addition to my ‘do-it-yourself’ tool set for crafts and also for upcoming house painting projects. It will be so convenient to have a mess-free tool for painting touch-ups and help with surface areas like doors and window frames."

"You could get out a paintbrush to cover scuffs when you see them, but if you are anything like me, the thought of opening the can of paint, stirring it, painting a scuff, cleaning your get the idea. I never did it, just lived with the scuffs," commented another Color-Glide Pro user.

Color-Glide® Pro tubes and transfer pumps are made from recyclable materials. The applicators are available in both medium and large sizes, and are sold in Single, DualPacks, and QuadPacks.

Address: 24001 Calle De La Magdalena, Laguna Hills, CA 92654, USA

Phone: +1 949 480 9045

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