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Our company is a dynamic designer and provider of electronic devices ranging from computing, audio video, security, safety and other peripherals.

We would like to work with you to provide a scalable solution and long term strategy that aligns with critical requirements, budgeting concerns, and the available resources of your organization.

E-Technology Security Ltd strategy is to collaborate with its customers by offering them a widest range of security products and solutions from leading security manufacturers, positioned at the best possible price and providing the best service and customer support to meet customer needs. The company’s portfolio offers an unparalleled product choice for intrusion, fire, CCTV, networking solutions, access control, building management, as well as a comprehensive complementary range of accessories.

Our dedicated team based in London and in Kent is ready to handle all your needs. We are committed to deliver most of your orders within 24hours. We see ourselves as its customers’ and vendors’ first choice for the supply of security and low voltage products and services.

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We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.

Concept Airports always have quite a lot of employees, divided in a large number of various sections with quite different job descriptions, and they have quite a lot of different working hours for all those employees. Also, in case of special situations, employees must also come to their workplace out of the regular working hours. But employees of the airport itself are not the only people doing their job on the airport. There is also a significant number of people working there, but for other companies. Did you ever want to implement a complete time and attendance solution for your airport, but you gave up at some point because of the complexity of the system? Or, did you already start the implementation of the system, but during that process you found out that the system, unfortunately, cannot fulfill your specific needs? You possibly have quite a number of cooperating companies who do some specific duties on the airport. Did you ever wonder how many hours, which you pay in the end, the really work there? Did you want to get both time and attendance and access control system in one integrated solution? If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, we have a solution for you. How to make it happen? In complex systems like airports, first thing that needs to be done is to precisely determine which access points to cover, and which ones not. Also, some of the access points are panic exits or access points for emergency situations. The type of the access point is closely related to the type of the device which is recommended to install. On access points which pose some kind of a security threat, biometric units should be installed. On the access points where the number of people who need to check in is lower, and those points do not pose a security threat, contactless car units can be used. Of course, biometric units are always better for various reasons, but sometimes, the financial situation does not allow this. ETECHGUARD has full product range for every need, and all those devices can be easily networked and integrated in BoneID system. After making a decision of type and position of the units, the units are installed, connected to the network and to the BoneID Net software solution, and then the system is ready to perform functions of time and attendance of airport employees, cooperating companies personnel, and also as an access control system.

What do I get if I install this system? By installing ETECHGUARD solution, you will get a first class time and attendance system, which is already set up for multiple and complicated working schedules, out of working hours shifts, and various other specific time and attendance situations of your employees. Also, you will get additional control over all your cooperators who perform specific duties and services, which they charge through working hours spent on the airport. You also get the complete access control solution inside the airport, which drastically improves security. At any moment, you can easily get the information where is a specific person of your interest. If needed, the units can also be connected to the intrusion alarm systems,Concept Quite often people think that the safe is the only thing which is secured within a bank, and rarely they pay attention about the other parts of the bank need to be protected also. Apart from the access control, time and attendance is also very important, because it allows for detailed planning and employees evaluation, for purpose of better time management between locations. How to make it happen? By using ETECHGUARD time and attendance solution, you can set up an access control system defined by all your needs, which is also managed the exact same way as the much less complicated time and attendance system. ETECHGUARD time and attendance solution gives you a centralized management and monitoring system with all the features you want from a access control system. You can also easily integrate access control devices with your security system. It is definitely recommended to install anti-vandal devices with a proper IP protection from dust and water on the outer access points. The devices can be chosen based on your security needs, and they all fulfill all your needs easily.Concept Hotels are among the most complicated businesses. A large number of shifts, common overtime during certain periods of the year/month, with also a large amount of free time. As if all this isn't enough, quite a few hotels have a number of business units on different locations. All this is just a part of how complex and difficult is to implement time and attendance in hotels and resorts. With all the complexity of the basic organization, there is often quite a number of season employees who might not be that reliable, which is an additional issue. How to make it happen? Thanks to the flexibility and simplicity of ETECHGUARD access control solution, it provides a perfect solution for this purpose. During the project phase, the location of the time and attendance units, and the access control units must be well thought out. The units must be on positions to provide control for you and simplicity for the employees. If the units are to be used on smaller locations without network, 3G units can be used and easily connect to the BoneID network. No matter the number of type of locations, BoneID software solution will control the whole system easily.

Address (Office): Suite 5, 225 Marsh Wall, Angel House, South Quay, E14 9FW, London, UK

Phone: +44 (0)2080040238

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