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Buying a used recirculating chiller can save a company a lot of money and cut down lead time tremendously but there is some risk. What if the used chiller doesn't work and can't be economically repaired? What about customizing it to your own needs? Chiller City has the solution to these problems by selling only fully refurbished chillers customized to your needs.

Chiller City is the outgrowth of many years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Our excellent technical staff will customize the chiller to your process and be there for should you ever need support. Since we rebuild chillers every day we keep in stock nearly every part needed to get your chiller back running as soon as possible. We challenge to you call anyone, whether they are the OEM or another reseller and ask them your technical questions and then call us. Then you decide who you want to call should you ever have a problem.

While technology in many areas make equipment only a few years old obsolete, refrigeration technology has remained relatively stable. This makes a refurbished chiller or temperature bath an excellent value. Our proprietary refurbishing process in addition to our outstanding technical support and liberal warranty policy takes the risk out of buying a used recirculating chiller. In addition, advances such as environmentally friendly refrigerants, improved parts and newer more advanced controllers may be incorporated into units during the refurbishing process.

Address: 563 W 3rd Ave Mesa, AZ 85210, USA

Phone: +1 480 889 1092

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