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Importer and distributor of Latin American food products in the U.S.A.

Amazonas Imports, Inc. is pleased to introduce unusual foods from the highlands of Latin Americate many unique foods with high nutritional value, that have been practically forgotten or lost by modern civilization.

The Rediscovered Lost Crops Thanks to the Andean and Amazon civilizations, the descendants of these cultures have preserved this valuable genetic material. It is amazing to visit the local markets with their people selling the marvelous, exotic fruit, roots, potatoes, vegetables, nuts, cereals, seeds, etc. The flavors, colors, aromas, textures and fragrances surprise even the most traveled people. The nutritional value for many of these foods is very good and the future generations could learn a good lesson for their food supply.

The Inca (Peru) empire, one of the most advanced cultures of Latin America, covered what is known today as Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Chile. Only looking at the ruins of Macchu Picchu near Cuzco, PERU, one can appreciate their advancement and knowledge of their times.

They cultivated Quinua and Kiwicha cereals, which are well known for their high protein and amino acid nutritional value. They grew vegetables that were never before known. These grains were the main protein source, together with llama and vicuna meat, also known for their low content of saturated fat.

Products The many colors of tubers, olluco, oca, mashua, is so fascinating, that after tasting them you may think you are eating vegetable candy. The special variety of fruit filled with vitamins A,B,C include: Pepino, Papaya, Lucuma, Mamey, Chirimoya, Guanabana, Naranjilla, Araza, Tuna, Kaki, Guayaba, Maracuya, Mora, Granadilla and others.

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