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Sunset Home Visual Entertainment (SHE) Company is the home video division and video distribution company at Sunset. All of our releases on DVD and On-Demand include new acts on video, along with some of the top brands in entertainment, TV and on Film.

They include popular brands on videos such as All About Ultimate Collection, Dragnet, Lil' Bush - Ultraman: Series One, Vol. 1 - Resident of United States, The Love Boat: Season One, The In-Laws (1979) / The In-Laws (2003) (Double Feature), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Two-Disc Power Cosmic Edition), Taking Woodstock, Cottonfields and Crossroads by Los Lonely Boys, 2008 Olympics: Michael Phelps, Bands on the Run: The Rubber Band Movie, Top Ten Forgotten Cartoons, Bazooka Classic Cartoons: The New 3 Stooges, The New 3 Stooges Bazooka Classic Cartoons: Superman, Home Movies by Pennywise, The Shaun White Album, Let It Out by Hoobastank, Animal Stories - The Complete 52 Episode Series, Abba 1973-1982 2 DVD Set - Music in Review, The Matrix Reloaded (Full Screen Edition), The Matrix Revolutions (Two-Disc Full Screen Edition, He-Man and the Master of the Universe - Season 1, Vietnam: Shadow Warriors - Part Documentary Series, Kids' Holiday Collection: Nutcracker, A Ch ristmas carol, Toy Shop, 12 Days of Christmas, Frosty The Snowman, Soup of the Day - All 19 Episodes, Speed Racer [Blu-ray], Rambo III [Blu-ray], The Bucket List [Blu-ray], Inkheart [Blu-ray], Troy (Two-Disc Full Screen Edition), Collateral (Two-Disc Special Edition), Comedy 2 Pack DVD Set with Jeff Foxworthy & Bill Engvall, American Gangster (Three-Disc Collector`s Edition), Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin - The Six Crystals, Rockin At The Red Dawn - The Dawn of Psychedelic Rock, American Chopper: Honoring The Uniform - Harry Potter Interactive DVD Game - Hogwarts Challenge - Battlestar Galactica - The Feature Film (Widescreen Edition) (1978) - Game Show Moments Gone Bananas - Antonia - First Strike / Reality - The Civil War: A Nation Divided - World War 1: A Lost Generation - D-Day: The Invasion - March to Victory - Wanted Dead or Alive: Season 1 - Abraham Lincoln: Father of Freedom (Volume 1 & 2 Feature Length Documentary) - Geisters - Fractions of the Earth, Vol. 1 - Geisters - Fractions of the Earth, Vol. 2 - Geisters - Fractions of the Earth, Vol. 3

Phone: +1 646 670 8589

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