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S2e Music Entertainment is a leader in both international and domestic based artist and repertoire. The Label Group is now partnered with Believe Digital, Record Union that help create the most extensive reach on the planet while being an A&R tool at Sony Music – one of the largest record labels in the world. This groundbreaking partnership has amazing implications for any of the artists at any of the Sunset labels at the S2e Music Entertainment.

The concept is simple! Sony Music's labels always want to discover the best up and coming music artists. Sony Music wants to discover the best and freshest sounds from emerging artists from all around the world. We have been the entry point into the major marketplaces for many aspiring artists who want to take their careers to the next level. As part of this brand new partnership, we have included our music into a unique discovery feature for Sony Music. This feature will make it easy for the Sony Music scouts to search, listen and follow artists in this system. Sony Music rep's will start actively using the discovery feature to find new talented artists to work with at their labels. And, if Sony Music likes what they hear or when they see certain levels of overall sales, anyone in this system now has the great the chance to work with one of the largest and most successful record labels inthe world.

These Sony Music scouts will also be providing expert feedback to all of the artists they listen to and each month, a new selection of artists will be included in the much hyped Sony Music playlists. These playlists have thousands of subscribers. Any music in this system is then automatically included for discovery in this feature. The music is delivered by distinct group of diverse record labels that include: Sunset Records, Tropical Records, Sunset Classics & Jazz, Sunset Classics, Sunset Jazz Recordings, Sunset Connect, Sunset Records Soundtracks, Sunset Special Markets (SSM) and Sunset Urban.

Artist Rosters

S2e's Music Entertainment's rosters encompasses a selective group of artists spread out over a vast array of genres and formats are from all over the world, is creating a legacy with international and local repertoire that include:

North America: Joe Atman, Federal Moguls, Down From Zero, Susan Schwartz, Steve Tilelli, 3 All Mighty, Gina Thompson, Pepper, Mark Simmons, Kevin Hart, Deon Cole, Turae Gordon, Big Jay, Breakout, Denny "Live", Don Meryl, Ralna English (also with Charlotte Philharmonic Orchestra), Key Of X, M.R.S.B.L.K.

Europe: Richtaste, The Boy From Space, House On The Hill, Woodcock Group.

West Indies/Jamaica/Antigua: Respect and I Kong.

Rest Of The World: Woodcock Group (Serbia), No-Limitt (Nigeria/Africa)

Phone: +1 646 670 8589

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