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Plastic2Print is founded by Job van Noorloos, a Dutch engineer. In 2010 Job was triggered by 3D printing and couldn’t resist to plunge into it. Ok, 3D-printing existed already for more then 20 years, but combined with internet and open source developments, he saw huge potential. At first he spend most of his spare time playing around: building 3D printers, printing prototypes, testing materials and learning all about it.

One thing he noticed during his exploration was that finding the right materials was not that easy. Actually, it was quite a hassle! It took him a lot of trial and error to make prints work as he imagined them to work; it took hours of searching on the internet, doing several orders, conducting a number of trials and then to discover new and better materials just too late. For him this was pure play, but he also wondered – can’t this be better? This made him decide to found Plastic2Print, an expertise centre that takes care of the research, development, testing, stocking and presentation of the materials, so that designers, engineers, researchers and teachers can do what they’re good at: bringing their creations to life.

Plastic2Print now presents more than 200 products (and counting!) via this online shop. Providing materials to 3D printer owners in Australia, North and South-America, Japan and every single European country.

And there is so much more to come. Behind the scenes Plastic2Print keeps on exploring and developing, to keep on extending their assortment of specialty materials. Make your creations glow in the dark? Want to give them a natural touch with wood? Make them flexible? or conductive to electricity?…all already possible, already available in our shop or coming soon.

Address: Mauritskade 55, 1092 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)20 2181 787

site link:



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