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ANX provides an easy, secure, and affordable marketplace for you to buy and sell Bitcoins, Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin and Dogecoin.

The ANX user interface focus is on simplicity yet provides its' users with all the detail they expect when buying and selling Bitcoins. Our designers regularly hold focus groups with the public to receive feedback on their preferred user interfaces and user experiences. Ease of use and simplicity are their number one priority. If you're looking for confusing menus or complicated navigation than you've come to the wrong place!

The ANX order matching engine has been pioneered from the ground up, leveraging the skills of experienced developers with respected and long standing careers working for low latency software development firms. The order engine delivers pre-scan indicative pricing and users can choose to either fix the quantity of Bitcoins or fix the price paid for every order. Lock in a guaranteed execution or alternatively lock in the ultimate price you're prepared to pay for your order; the choice remains yours. And this all relies on an order engine that achieves low latency performance along with the reliability of an exchange that has been verified in supporting millions of daily transactions. Stand confident knowing ANX can dependably process orders in a fast moving market with both speed and efficiency.

Our customer support teams at ANX are trained in all aspects of operations and security and most importantly remain Bitcoin loyalists. We are at your service and ready to answer any questions you may have. Our customer support KPI is to respond and resolve all inquiries within 6 hours of inquiry however in most cases the response time is significantly less. Our commitment to customer service is unmatched and ingrained into the DNA of ANX staff. Feedback is very important to us and we will often implement new features requested by ANX users.

Security is of paramount importance to ANX. As a result of this, every element of our operation has been methodically planned with this vital consideration. This includes all factors including physical intrusion, exhaustive vetting and background checking of staff members, the cold storage of coins and manual (yet efficient) processing of all withdrawal requests, and dedicated awareness to recurring security threats such as social engineering, Phishing, and remote zero day exploits to only name a few.

Our staff are trained to detect suspicious transactions and requests and are procedurally qualified to comply with KYC and AML policies.

If you would like to know more about our security provisions, please review the Security & Technology section on our Frequently Asked Questions. We remain compliant with regulators and partner with financial firms to offer flexible funding and withdrawal options. Our robust compliance framework ensures that regulatory requirements are being adhered to at both local and global entities, instilling a level of trust and ensuring ANX will continue to operate indefinitely.

ANX strives to provide the lowest fees in the Bitcoin market. This results in improved liquidity and tighter spreads; most importantly this increases your potential profits. We regularly host promotions for new and existing users.

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Choose carefully any service that store and manage funds for you. Very few Bitcoin businesses offer enough insurances to be used to store money securely like a bank at this point.



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  • Choose carefully any service that store and manage funds for you. Very few Bitcoin businesses offer enough insurances to be used to store money securely like a bank at this point.

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