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Electronic transactions have become the norm in the present. The advancement of technology made it easier and cheaper to access your bank account or E-wallet online. From online merchants, groceries, casinos, E-payments, or Instant payments like Brite kasinos. What are the benefits of using Brite as a form of instant payment? Here are some of them.

Hassle-Free Registration

Gone is the long list of information needed and valid identifications for registration. Brite only requires your bank account and authentication to register. Quick registrations allow you to do transactions through Brite and its partners fast. These are the benefits.

  • The minimal requirement of a valid bank account in the EU
  • No app download, no lengthy registration, no hassle
  • Seamless transaction across all devices
  • With fewer information requirements, you can be anonymous in your transactions.

A2A Real-Time Transaction

Today's financial transactions rely heavily on digital transactions. External institutions are one of the alternative modes of payment. Open banking technology allows you to make transactions in real-time. There is no need for any sign-up or credit card number; making every payment to any merchant is fast and secured. Some benefits of these are.

  • Minimal risk in fraudulent transactions
  • True instant payout by facilitating 24/7 banking transactions avoiding delays due to cut-offs and bank holidays.
  • Streamline transactions—no more extra steps to get payouts.
  • Conversion is fast and easy.
  • Easy access by the merchant through frequent settlements
  • Fast cash flow and order fulfillment
  • Service is free of charge

Wide Range of Application

Brite instant payment had learned from its predecessors in the early 2000s when electronic payment was in its infancy. Now with 21 markets and more than 3800 banks affiliated with their millions of consumers in Europe. Brite is available in four countries with a 24/7 service and payouts in 21 countries across Europe, making it a reliable mode of payment.

  • Brite Payment Coverage - Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Netherlands, and more markets are continuously launched.
  • Brite Payout Coverage - Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, & United Kingdom

Payouts are available in all EURO markets through a single API-based integration.

What to Watch Out For?

Though Brite payment can make you anonymous, some people might try to scam you or hack your information. Some may introduce themselves as part of Brite, but we will never ask for any information to access your account. If you suspect any fraudulent transaction from an external institution, report it as soon as possible.

Leading You to a Brite Future

Brite instant payments cover many markets if you don't want to use your credit card. The convenience and security ensure a fast and safe way to make electronic payments. So when in Sweden, you can entrust your electronic purchase with Brite payments.

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