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Technology has drastically changed how organizations and businesses function and communicate with their stakeholders, shareholders, and supporters. The core business function of finance and fundraising, whether for politics, a social cause or for startup capital, has always been seen as quite a personal and professional aspect of the business and was generally done via face-to-face presentations and formalized requests. Technology and cyber currencies have changed how online fundraising is conducted.

The means of contact has changed

With almost every aspect of daily life moving to mobile, most Americans want to be contacted via mobile, and as such, any donation or financing asks must now be communicated via this self-same platform. Now, access to finance and funding information as well as to the actual donors themselves and the general public is done online, virtually, or even via text. Applications such as Tatango are fitting examples of how the text can be used for fundraising and to create momentum for social and political issues.

Finance flexibility

Donations are immediate and can be in any currency, form, or even cryptocurrency. This is made possible and easy through the integration of funding software with cryptocurrency applications. The Donate Now button must allow the customer and client to choose what form their donations and finance will take. As technology means greater choice with services and goods, the same needs to apply to any online or digital transactions. Digital cryptocurrencies provide huge opportunities for charities as they provide a faster means of getting more money into the hands of those who need it most. There are fewer processing fees and magnified transparency.

Anyone can become a shareholder

Crowdfunding sites and similar online financing apps mean that anyone who has the money can donate to a cause or become an online venture capitalist. The crowdfunding idea is simply about raising money from a large group of people online and has been used primarily for good causes and, more recently, for great startup ideas in their early phases.

This widens the opportunity to generate funds and has been a democratizing factor for small businesses and startups. With information and knowledge at their fingertips through the internet, most people can now research the best options for investing and donating. This means that not having this kind of option for those who engage with your digital offerings is a missed opportunity.

Cyber security is key

Businesses and organizations are now able to find investment opportunities online and be made aware of possible funds for startup businesses through texts and emails. This technological advancement and proliferation of online users mean that there needs to be a clear means of protecting and securing this process. Cyber security applications must be seamlessly connected to any online investment or financing opportunities and sites that are used must be transparent and upfront as to the security in place to protect data and donations.

The internet has democratized more than just the access to information. These days, high-quality software and technology have improved access to funding, finance and begun to change this sector for the better.

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