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While data analytics have become a crucial asset to businesses in all sectors of all sizes, these tools are actually a powerful weapon for data scientists to use against certain levels of risk. Take, for example, Chan boards.

While they may operate like social media in certain aspects, they have the power to ripple a topic or trend resulting in increased engagement with its content. With an infinite number of boards that exist, chan boards can contain valuable intel for physical security intelligence. Let's take a closer look at some of the data analysis tools that can deal with these risks.

1. Violence and Threat Detection

It's important to regularly check chan image boards for discerning posts that can be linked to hard-line political groups or outliers who seek to cause violence and detriment to society. Open-source intelligence tools, or OSINTs, allow security teams to investigate and initiate ongoing monitoring of chan boards. OSINT filters and detects only the most relevant and pertinent information. These actionable insights allow for executive protection for data analysts from threats of extremism and terrorism that may be lurking within the darker corners of the internet.

Proper data analytics tools are the first step towards garnering analysis of high-volume streaming data both within core business systems for data collection. This allows for statistical analysis of the threats that are present within boards like 2Chan, 4Chan, and 8Chan. By locating these anomalies, security teams are able to correlate the potential for violence and track down the person or persons behind these threats. This real-time analysis can lead to quicker involvement of authorities to monitor these threats further.

2. Tracking Data Leaks

You may be wondering, what is data analytics? Data analytics enable organizations to analyze real-time and historical data to identify patterns to generate informative insights through an end-to-end analytical process. This allows for applicants of these procedures to digitally transform their business and culture, becoming more forward-thinking in decision-making. This is shifting the paradigm to better turn a data warehouse like internet chan boards into a more accessible realm for data engineers.

Chan boards have become the destination for threats of doxxing or releasing confidential information that is meant to be protected by companies or governments. With proper data analytics initiatives in place, businesses and other outlets can come through with various tools to find potential data leaks or breaches that leave personal information landing in the wrong hands. This new information can cut off the breach with immediacy, and allow for some organizations to better implement scalability and security measures to prevent greater impact.

3. Mining for Illegal Content

Data integration can be a lengthy process for business operations to work through a digital transformation. This helps operations to eliminate guesswork whether it's dealing with marketing or customer service. Data mining through a litany of data sources is actually an important tool to better understand end-users. This is incredibly useful in checking extremist and illicit content that may be lurking in the likes of channels like 2chan, 4chan, and 8chan.

These business intelligence tools allow security teams to identify where this material can be lurking. Security teams can be notified and alerted when intel is found and can prevent any type of data that is ill-gotten or illegal from being accessible to an average user. In general terms, the benefits of data analytics are needed to make sure useful information is well-protected, and that those outliers seeking to cause harm can't use technical skills to their advantage in the era of big data. A proper analytics solution can prevent a breach that derails a manufacturer's supply chain, or puts a company's massive data set and customer information out there for the world to see.

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