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Why would I need a crypto debit card? Do you want to be able to spend your cryptocurrency with a debit card? Typically when you need to spend your digital currency, you need to head over to coinbase, for example, sell your cryptocurrency for fiat dollars and wait for the process of those fiat dollars to withdraw from the bank and then you will be able to spend it, and sometimes that process can take up to two, five or more days.

Now, what if you want to be able to spend your cryptocurrency to purchase something instantly and do all of this without having the need to go through this tiresome process?

With BlockCard you are able to send your crypto to your BlockCard account and only then you can use your card to spend your digital currencies. This concept makes the platform very interesting as this will enable people to save a heck of a lot of time.

Ternio is a company that is taking strides in lots of different countries.

How does BlockCard work?

You can use the card with cryptocurrency anywhere that visa is accepted. With BlockCard you are able to deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, among many other cryptocurrencies that you would spend or withdraw at an ATM. The main goal is to make it possible for you to take control of your cryptocurrency and the way you use it and give you the opportunity to use it more in your everyday life. When you sign-up you get a virtual black card instantly which you can use online just like you would with a regular debit card. In about a week after signing up, a physical card is shipped to you and comes in a material of your choice which could be either plastic or metal. You are also able to link your virtual card to Google or Apple pay. Moreover, without a doubt one of the highlights about what Ternio is offering is the fact that they don't take any transaction fees.

How can I get a BlockCard

The process of registering is pretty straightforward and simple. You can sign up for an account on the getblockcard website, and once you fund your account you will be able to get $10 worth of Ternio, as Ternio is the coin used by BlockCard and this will enable you to use the card right away. Moreover, the KYC takes about 30 seconds to complete and there’s a demo video that will show you how to complete the whole process on the website.

Just like every other bank account, you can use this with every other credit card. With your bitcoin, it is currently fully accessible.

All of this makes this opportunity much more convenient as this enables you to be able to immediately start spending your cryptocurrency.

In addition, another very interesting point of notice is that if you stake their coin you will be able to get returns, and this enables you to make a lot of profit by using your debit card.

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