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Millions around the world are fans of some sport, and a significant fraction of them have already tried their luck in some sports betting site out there. This article will speak about one of Bitcoin sports betting sites 1xBit, which as its name suggests, has Bitcoin as its only usable currency.

However, this Bitcoin exclusivity shouldn’t be really a problem for anybody. This, along with many other cryptocurrencies, are being used for many kinds of transactions around the Internet. Many people can think that they are used only for illegal or obscure transactions, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

At 1xBit it is possible to do the exact same things that could be made from any other online sports betting site. The portal features thousands of events at any given moment where bettors can place pre-match and live bets. From football to golf, from horse racing to motorsports. Virtually any discipline that someone could think about is featured at 1xBit. For this reason, those who have already tried online sports wagers, and even those who have never used a site like this before, are more than welcome to try one of Bitcoin betting sports sites 1xBit, and enjoy its amazing winning opportunities.

There is also a fantastic 1xBit Bitcoin live casinos

Nowadays, virtually all online sports betting sites also feature a live casino of some sort. With 1xBit this is no exception. Millions around the world have already used and on with 1xBit Bitcoin live casinos. The possibilities and opportunities that this portal is capable of providing are extremely good, and also considering how valuable Bitcoin can be, things become even better.

Some of the games that users can enjoy at 1xBit include:

  • Poker
  • Video poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Slots

Here bets of all sizes are allowed, meaning that people can play with the amounts of money that they feel comfortable with. Also, 1xBit is associated with many Bitcoin exchangers, which are featured in the main website. This means that exchanging any traditional currency for Bitcoin and vice versa will be extremely easy and quick. Thanks to this association, players can quickly start playing, and equally quickly can exchange their well deserved prizes.

As can be seen from here, the fact that Bitcoin 1xBit live casinos works with this cryptocurrency offers even more profitable opportunities than if it would work with traditional currencies, considering how valuable Bitcoin can become.


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