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“How does bitcoin work?” One of the main questions being asked by those people who are willing to invest in Bitcoin. If you are one of them, you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to provide you with important details to help you understand how bitcoin actually works.

So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

Many starters are afraid to get started with Bitcoin. They think that Bitcoin is hard to manage and requires lots of responsibilities. Well, the truth is that anyone can start with Bitcoin without knowing its technical details.

After installing the Bitcoin wallet, which you can install on your mobile phone or computer, it will start to create your Bitcoin address. After that, you can now make anything you want anytime. This will also enable you to disclose your address with your friends. This will enable you to get paid by them or vice versa. In fact, Bitcoin works the same way with email. The only difference is that you can only use the Bitcoin address once.

What is Bitcoin’s Blockchain?

The Bitcoin’s blockchain is a ledger shared by the public users. This is a system relying on the whole Bitcoin network. The entire transactions performed by the Bitcoin user are being encrypted in the blockchain.

The blockchain enables the Bitcoin wallets to determine their remaining balance to verify the new transactions. This will make sure that they are being managed by a spender. Cryptography is responsible for the chronological order and integrity of the Bitcoin’s blockchain.

How Do The Transactions in Bitcoin Work

Transactions refer to the transferring of Bitcoins from a Bitcoin wallet that is regarded by the blockchain. A single bitcoin wallet has a delicate information, which called as seed or private key. The private key is being used to perform the transactions. It offers a piece of mathematical evidence proving that it is from the owner’s bitcoin wallet.

Another important information is the signature. It also works for protecting your bitcoin wallet from being managed by the other users. This will prevent you from experiencing troubles with your bitcoin value.

The entire transactions you perform are being broadcasted to a network. It will start to confirm between ten minutes to twenty minutes. The process of confirmation is known as mining.

The Processing or the Mining

Mining is a process that confirms the pending transactions. It contains all the distributed consensus system. It is the one that is responsible for making the chronological orders in the blockchain. It also enables the various computers to have the same system to work on. Another good thing about mining is that it protects the network’s neutrality.

In order for the transactions to get confirmed, it should be packed inside a block that follows the cryptographic rules strictly. The network will be the one to verify the rules. The rules implemented will avoid the past blocks to get modified. Because if yes, the whole blocks will get invalidated.

It also makes a competitive lottery. This will challenge the users to add blocks to the blockchain. But take note that the lottery is hard. You need to get the first and right answers before they allow you to add new blocks. That being said, individuals or groups can’t control the value inside the blockchain or change it with the other parts that will cut down the spending.


Now that you know how Bitcoin works, you might now have decided to sign up to get started with bitcoin. Don’t worry, Bitcoin is just easy to manage and does not require a lot of time.

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